The United States of America?

 “For once you were in darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.”

                                                                                       Ephesians 5: 8


         I love my country. I wanted to say that because what I am about to talk about could possibly be very hard to swallow. However, if you love someone you tell them the truth, right?

         I think that when we speak of our nation as the United States of America it might just only be a name. What I am referring to is the united part. We are a group of diverse people but I think we have lost what has defined who we are. It is just part of a name that no longer retains its value.

         Our nation has made money god. We have made being number one our motto and we live it by stepping on everyone under us. It truly is a dog-eat-dog land. We are comfortable, content (to the point of obesity), and satisfied with our life. Actually, we do want more than we can afford and we have gone into financial slavery to get it.

         Am I off base on this? I am just stating the facts.

         The only way we can be united is to have the Lord in the center. That is pretty much it. I truly believe that we are one of the last places on earth that may not be ready for the Lord’s return. (Whoa, I just had a wild thought that I hope is the Lord.)

         The Lord is preparing His bride to be with Him. That is His church in the world. That would explain why America is going through these fires. His children are being refined and readied in it. I never thought about the fact that the other believers, who live out the Gospel though trials and persecutions, are ready but we are not. We haven’t matured yet.

         We often think we are meant to save the lost in Africa or some foreign far away land who have never heard the Gospel.  Yet, (here is a sting) what if our “gospel” is luke warm and worldly. It’s all Westernized but to truly un-Christ like. Do you think God really wants us spreading that around? Think about it.

         So, we need to seek the Lord to be one again as a nation. I mean that is pretty much a given. I pray that this financial crisis becomes the revival we have been praying for. We will see how little the world can unite but how the Lord makes One nation under Him.



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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15 Responses to The United States of America?

  1. Kim says:

    I have a question on the ‘comfortable , content to the point of obesity’ this country has a major obesity problem but, I believe it is pain that people deal with in a bad way. Not so much in being content. But a very good Blog!

    • gpavants says:

      HI Kim,
      I agree. I think that we use things like food to bring comfort. It’s easy to live with pain until it becomes just part of life. My point was that we have made this issue normal and never deal with the real problem. I think the Lord turns that light on and shows us what we have been substituting for real contentment. There is that hunger for the things of God that really satisfies. I think that is the answer to the real obesity issue. Please keep sharing.

      • Larry Avants says:

        Good blog, Gary. It gets us thinking.

        The thought that occurs to me is we are seeking all kinds of ways to satisfy ourselves, when its the spiritual void that needs to be filled most of all. That spiritual void that we have talked about so many times, that God designed void to make us realize that something is missing. In Romans 1, it says that man is without excuse, because if we will just ponder the creation, no matter what part of the world we live in, and ask the creator to let us know who He is, He will reveal Himself to us. But, we don’t look up, until we have problems, blessings in disguise, and we began to call out to Him from the standpoint of where we are in life. Then, He will meet us where we are , as He has with you and me and countless others over the centuries.

        Over the years, I have found myself getting very upset with those who are not listening to the truth. Then, I have to remind myself that we don’t get it until we get it. This is true of all of us. We were all in the same boat, hopeless sinners without Christ. And, the Holy Spirit has to be dealing with us or we are not going to care about listening. So, when we get it and we are trying to get others to come to Him, its not up to us its up to God. However, our Awesome God, the Creator of all that vastness, allows puny little us to be a part of what He is doing, if we are ready, if we are abiding in Him. John 15

        I love you, Gary. You are abiding. You are carrying the Truth of our Lord far beyond what I have ever done and I am blessed just to know that.

        Love, Dad

      • gpavants says:

        Hi Dad,
        You have a forum here too. Thank you for your insightful commments. I hope folks get to share and encourage each other here.
        And, yes the Lord is doing a work and we need to just pray to be where we need to be. He knows how to reach hard hearts with equally hard times.
        Huh, as sin abounds (and becomes for sinful, hard) so grace abounds( grows wiser and able to overcome it’s nemesis) that much more.
        He is making his people more resilient and durable for the times to come so grace can be displayed for harder people.
        Love you,

  2. Kelly Harrel says:

    Amen, Gary. That is why my goal is to bring women around me into a deeper relationship with Christ and a stronger fellowship with other ladies. I believe as we stand together as Christians and bring up the next generations in His ways, we will begin to see a change in our country and world.

    • gpavants says:

      Hi Kelly,
      Thank you. Yes, I really believe the Lord is calling us to minister to different groups of people but with me message of unity and reconciliation. The Lord bless your work.
      In Christ,


  3. Tami Avants says:

    I really never thought much about our country not being ready for the Lord but…considering we are a spoiled country compared to all others I guess we would be a little more lax in our daily living. I think sometimes also (at least for me) that because the Word is so available 24/7 its easy to not get into it say as much as someone from China or the middle east where there are so many restrictions. We are such a spoiled society. Maybe thats where the fat comes in. Great blog Gary and hope I made sense. It is 11:01 pm and after working 2 jobs I am extremely tired. Why am I on the computer and not in my Bible??? Hmmmm!

    • gpavants says:

      Hi Tami,
      Thank you for your response. Yep, but the good news is THE Good News. The Lord loves His children and knows what will help them mature.
      Keep on growing through those struggles.

  4. Luis says:

    Bother ,

    Not only do I believe that we haven’t matured, I also believe that many of us have not fully died to ourselves, taken up the Cross and follow him. Until we die to ourselves, we will not see the Kingdom of God in our lives or in our Nation.

    • gpavants says:

      Hi Luis,
      Amen. Surrender to The Lord is the answer. No person or nation can live out the Gospel. We have to die to Him to real understand living.

      In Christ,

  5. JG says:

    This makes for good conversation….it’s hard to reduce major issues into a few paragraphs but you’ve got a handle on it. I agree that the Lord is refining His people and preparing them for what is to come so that we are more ready to build His kingdom in spite of our culture’s decline. The spread of the Good News seems to happen more effectively under trial, when we find out we’re really not able to manage or control our own “destinies”. Thank you Jesus for calling us deeper and helping us in our struggles to move forward. Keep our eyes on the prize before us! Jeannette

    • gpavants says:

      Hi Jeannette,

      Thank you for sharing. We have been praying for revival but I think it has come but not as we expect it. We ask for The Lord to move mightily and He is overturning things we have taken comfort apart from Himself. I think that is so we will look to Him instead. We grow from tough times because they turn our eyes upon Jesus, we look full in his wonderful face…I know you know that hymn and you want to sing it now.
      Please, keep in touch.
      In Christ,


  6. Very thoughtful article. 🙂

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