Mr. Miyagi’s Bane

“In quietness and confidence will be your strength.”                                                 Isaiah 30:15 He rubbed his slightly bearded chin in contemplation. In a slightly hoarse voice the man just reminded his young apprentice, “Wax on, wax off.”  That is how he set one karate kid in motion. A little man, who it appeared single-handedly, was be able to change the course of one frustrated young man’s life. … Continue reading Mr. Miyagi’s Bane


Okay, folks, thanks for taking this walk on the fictional story side with me today. This was a piece that was written for a collection called Modern Day Parables. By the title you can tell that this story has a deeper message associated with it.  I have given you a sample. The other half will come out in a few days. Tell me what you … Continue reading ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE ZOMBIES! (part 1)