One Step Ahead of the Zombies (Part 2)


Let’s see how Finn and his family handle the dead who seem to be everywhere.


How are we to survive this? What kind of future would we have if the whole world lived…(ah, I guess live)… as the living dead?

They ate their meals, try to hold each other tight, however always with that nagging apprehension in their midst.  One night as they tiny family sits by the glow of a little portable TV set watching on old movie. Finn’s my daughter catches his eye. There is a deep sadness in that pair of greenish eyes that he hadn’t stopped to notice before.

“Honey, what are you thinking about?” She smiles. “You look sad.”

“I am.” Her honesty shook Finn up a little.

“Is it because we are in this situation?” Slowly she shakes her head.

“No, we have food to eat, we have a place to live, and we have each other.”

“That’s true.”

“I know we have God watching over us too.” Finn wags his head. He has a sneaking suspicion where this is going. His wife and son soon turn their attention towards them.

            “I am sad for the people outside.” She licks her lips. “They don’t know they are dead. They are looking for life but haven’t found it yet.” Finn realizes his daughter’s words are simple yet elegantly cut like a precision instrument. His heart feels that same peeling raw pain that she is voicing.  She quietly goes back to the family movie night but Finn’s mind races.

Though the night was cold and bitter, a fire began to burn Finn inside. He takes a heartfelt mental inventory. They have food enough for the winter. The family can easily drive to and from any destination. By closing the doors they can leave the world and its mounting problems outside. They are comfortable in their own little world. Yet, his home is truly more isolated than an island in a sea of hungry humanity. This isn’t life either, no matter how safe they feel. The flicker of understanding dawns:  To ignore the people outside is to already be one step closer to being one of the walking dead.

            In those moments of quiet contemplation Finn finally gets the answer. More than that, God reveals the cure. He slaps myself like the big dummy He feels he has become.    

            Maybe it was the effects of the disease but I know that I had been cured of my own deadness years before.  I had been given THE cure. It was my job to share that hope. I just forgot that was why I was here. That was why everyone who was still in their right mind, the few of us left, were still here.

            With trembling hands, Finn says a prayer with his family. He unlocks the seven different forms of locks and security devices. With a slow gaping yawn the front door opens. In the light of a beautiful morning, with a Bible in his hand, Finn walks right up to a group of lost souls. What fear he has melts the moment they stare face to face.




About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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