We Do Hard Things


 “We do hard things”. That was something that I heard when visiting a conference for gifted students. For many of these students school work come easy. The problem is that they can get bored, and they get too comfortable in their education. The awards come naturally and they sort of go into shock if they don’t always win the top awards. When real struggles come some are unprepared and wilt under the pressure. They weren’t as adept in difficulties as they thought. For some folks things, like learning, come easy. However, to grow in any situation in life we need a challenge. 


            Here we are taking in a challenge. The hike wasn’t what he had originally planned. We watched the weather, course corrected, and adapted to the change.  The road wasn’t what we expected, it’s taken a different turn, and things changed quickly. The clouds cover or path but do we continue?


            I don’t think The Lord has called us live comfortable lives. When we get too relaxed and safe, we aren’t really living. I think of our forefathers who were used to being outdoors and facing difficult even treacherous times. They became who God intended them to be because they did not play safe. They knew when to take a risk.


            I wonder if the Lord is calling us back to live more treacherous lives? Not dangerous lives but ones who take unknown paths, ford rising rivers, and take leaps of faith because we sensed he Lord leading us.


            I pray to not just survive in these tough days but to thrive. We can face treacherous uncertain times because of whom we have hope in and where we place our faith. 


            Hm, I am reminded about someone that we are all playing the game of Life if we like it or not. What makes the seeking after a Monopoly kind of empty and we might want to play a little more Risk and less Trivial Pursuit. 


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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4 Responses to We Do Hard Things

  1. Vicki Eby says:

    I enjoy reading your thoughts. It is going to make me a better person.

  2. Brian Reed says:

    Awesome…. I don’t get a whole lot of reading time but I did today and I enjoyed it thank you

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