Moses Came Fifth


“For which I suffer trouble…even to the point of chains; but the Word of God is not chained.”

                  2 Timothy2: 9

Not everyone gets your humor. Sometimes you feel like you are playing to an audience of none. I think we have all felt a little left out of something. It happens on the playground, the workroom, the living room, etc.

 “The fifth wheel.”

 “The odd man out.”

“I feel alone in a crowded room.” Are these things you’ve heard your feelings echo too?

These low points in life are not where we really ever want to be yet, why do we experience them more and more often? Those feelings keep bubbling up from deep inside.

Through a bottoming out or an unexpected moment, The Lord is ready to do a work that no one could have anticipated. In the Bible Pharaoh’s daughter went to take an everyday bath. In the process he literally could have thrown out a baby with the bathwater. That Hebrew baby she discovered signified one who should have been drowned out. Pharaoh was trying to kill off the Jewish baby boys. When she rescued him she named Moses, which meant, “drawn out”. It seems that where death and defeat live, life always springs.

Later God would draw Moses to come forth from his comfortable life and he came fifth…don’t mind my on old English humor. He had some tough times when he listened to the Lord. I bet he wondered if he should have hid out and stayed at home instead. A real life isn’t going to be a real easy life.

I hit a low this weekend. I had a dream that something great would come out of being part of a team. I wasn’t worried about winning a prize as much as building some long-lasting friendships. The struggle was meant to be the glue that connected us together.

We fought hard against the odds, didn’t get much sleep, and wore our patience a little thin. That was when the bubble popped and the glue just got a little sticky.

I felt a little left out, not really feeling a part of the whole experience, and frankly really discouraged. I wondered why I even did this. Of course what came next was a flood of other hurts that have been stuffed into the basement of my heart.

Down in that dank cellar, as I was hooping it up in my “pity party”, someone gently crashed it. The Lord reminded me that I was tired and my perspective was skewed. He said it in love but it came across really clear. This is the place were victories really happen. It is the lowest places that if not tamed, can unhinge so much good. It’s in this place where He can remove those small, festering feelings that infect any healthy and good thing in life. It’s just we have to go there with Him to get the job done.


We all have basements within us. It isn’t that surface life but what we really are below the ground, that defines us. I have allowed these dark hidden places to be turned into a torture chamber for the enemy. (Of course it hits me, duh, that was so medieval times.) We can either let the enemy beat us up, or let the Lord reach down and build us up.

He wants to turn my basement into a root cellar. There he stores up treasures that benefit my life and the life of others to come. The implements of destruction are replaced by a great storehouse of mason jars, potatoes, jams and preserves that are prepared for the future when we really need it.

So, the hurt and misunderstanding is part of the big picture. A mean and nasty world may have created this nightmare but it’s the Lord who turns it into a dream come true. We get to be made whole in our hurt. The doubt that we feel can unhinge us might be what makes the door of faith really swing. You may think you have missed opportunities but Jesus is already ready to help you make up for lost time.

Are you ready to crack open the door to your cellar? 



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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4 Responses to Moses Came Fifth

  1. I used to feel that way at parties when I was in high school. In my experience, I think God used those feeling to help me see that there was something much better in store for me ahead. Ultimately, the best of the better is the eternal. Thanks for sharing!

    • gpavants says:

      Hi Brent,
      He adds depth to our character. I think that way we can weather what ever comes our way. Jesus is at our door, inside our door, and is the door.
      In Christ,

  2. Gary, this is a wonderful story of disappointment and hurt completely turned around by perspective…God’s perspective of His “behind the scenes” constant work in and around us. Thank you for sharing. This is a great message for my week!! CHRISTOPHER HERRING

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