Snowball from… Hell?


“Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.”

                                             Psalm 33:20

SMACK! I am hit right in the eye. The snowball come out of nowhere. I’m good. I shake it off and look for my opponent. I hear his laughter but before the cackling ceases, SMACK! Same eye. Same explosion of stars.  I am still trying to get my bearings. I blink out the snow and feel a little less sure of myself. Then, the unthinkable happens. SMACK! Same , same all around. However, this time I am down for the count. Three relentless times and I am a melting into the snow myself.

That was years ago but the thought of getting hit in the eye still affects the way I guard them. The pain is gone but memories hide underneath.

As I am thinking about…SMACK!

Hey, who just threw that snowball? I hear you snickering. That’s not cool, man. This snowball has something inside.  It’s a note. It says, “Hey, loser, getting a little lazy.”

I have had a rough week; you would be tired too! Someone thinks this is some big joke.

SMACK! Not my eye…again. Who is throwing these snowballs? This one has a note too. “You and your family have the worst luck, don’t you.” 

What do you know about my bad luck? I don’t believe in…ahh, crud. Where did that patch of ice come from? I’m going to feel that in the morning.  I am laying with a wet butt in the snow arguing with nobody. That has to look like I am crazy.

Sorry, folks, someone has interrupted my story for this week. This is not now I intended the story to…SMACK!

AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! WHO IS DOING THIS!  Stop that! Oh of course the note would say, “Control your temper.”  Whoever you are this is wrong. What did I ever do to you?  Why do you know so much about my family and me?

Oh boy, I okay I see where this is coming from. It’s my enemy hitting me with all the things I struggle with inside. Those innocent little blows are getting me to doubt. I am really feeling pretty bad about myself.

Whoa, that one just missed my head. These guys are getting serious, that one had a rock in it. Watch out! That one had, sniff, sniff, okay, you got to be kidding had a dog turd in it. I see two words: bad attitude sticking out of that stinking…pile.

Hey, who’s grabbing my arm? Oh, oh it’s you, Lord. Watch out those guys are throwing like snowball demons. Oh, yeah they are demons. Wait, if those dudes are from Hell, where are they getting snowballs from?

Okay, I am getting down. Man, Jesus you are really fast at making snowballs. You’re faster than that Elf guy. Right, you invented snow, gotcha.

In the end I saw something that reminded me what kind of savior I have in my life. He took out everyone of those snowball chuckin’ hellions with precision accuracy. Better than that, he reminded me that the faults I inherited from my flesh and blood family shouldn’t worry me any more. Sure, I am going to get hit with things in this life that want to get me off track. However, Jesus is giving me not only His life but, the strength to handle snowballs, rocks, or fiery darts flying my way.



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to Snowball from… Hell?

  1. larrypavants says:

    Amen! Gar. Love,Dad

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