Stop and smell the Roses, the Rosemary, the Rabbits…


“The Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings.”

                                       Malachi 4:2

It’s like clockwork. Shelby, our feisty Cairn terrier, is sitting by her leash. Angel, on the other hand, has to be coaxed ever so slightly…”Angel? ANGEL!…to go on a walk.  I really do think these dogs, at least Shelby, has me trained in this regards.

We are blessed to have some quiet places to walk right outside of our condo complex. Within a few short feet we are out in nature among all the sights, smells, and quiet sounds it provides. Shelby always leads the way.


Her goal is to see the rabbits. She is the vigilant tracker trying to spot those elusive critters whose warrens are tucked away in mounds of fragrant rosemary shrubberies.  Angel on the other hand is all about the smells. She is our Poodly Bichon Frise of sorts who has to smell everything, every few feet or so. Nothing evades her olfactory glands. UMM AHHHH.


So, between the two of them I am pulled and stretched on even the shortest walks. This is their special outing almost every day. This highlight gives them something kin to comfort food. I am often too busy to take time to do this but I am grateful it’s something we can do. This dogmatic duo really appreciates it.

Today though, something was different. I have had one of those days, again(At the end of another school year). I was tired and though I didn’t want to do this; I felt there was a reason why I should. As I watched Shelby and Angel I saw it maybe from their perspective. Things slowed down and there wasn’t a rush to get anywhere. We were there to enjoy the moment.

I breathed deeply. I too smelt the rosemary bushes, heard the silence underneath things, experienced a sense of contentment, and wonder. My pace slowed a bit. The leash in my hand swung a bit more rhythmically than robotically. Whatever was weighing on me really wasn’t on my mind. For those few moments all was right with the world.

Of course I ask, why don’t we do this more? The answer of course is busyness and business, anxiousness and anxiety, etc.  The Lord is calling us to refresh often not just when things build up. I think times like the ones I have experienced are a reminder that this life is not the real thing.

That is coming. We are passing though and it’s a crime to let the temporary draining times steal our joy. Difficulties happen day in a day out but that’s not forever. I pray that we all enjoy more moments of peace and relaxation as the dark days fall upon us. I pray that, as Oswald Chambers, often reminds us, to soak before the Lord. I pray that those moments of renewal will carry you when you are afraid of being depleted.  You have charged your batteries in the Son so when the night comes you will find your way in the dark.

Like clockwork Shelby is waiting by her leash. She is ready to hurry up and relax. The rabbits are waiting. Angel? ANGEL! Don’t forget your smells. Oh, by the way, I should share this experience with another. Would you like to come?


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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2 Responses to Stop and smell the Roses, the Rosemary, the Rabbits…

  1. larrypavants says:

    Right on, Gar.Loveya

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