God Won’t Waste your Time



‘”Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”


                              2 Corinthians 12:10


I did not ask for a day off but I am home with a bad cough. It is so bad that the only voice I have is the written word. Of course it never comes at a convenient time.

Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? We can get so busy getting things done, meeting schedules , and staying the course that the real important issues get ignored. Yet, I am learning more and more that just doing is not really living. Life is a multilayered experience and that requires us to rise to meet the challenges.

Only one person knows all the things that we need to live life by the horns and actually make it for the ride. Jesus reminds me that life is more than this body we inhabit to navigate through life. We are also a spirit that has emotions. We have a mental world that has endless imagination, logic, and creativity. All of this is contained in an imperfect physical body. These are the not-so–basic building blocks to a human life.

I think I am healthy but that might just be physically. God might know a sick body does something to help a person grow mentally. Surprisingly, an understanding about how God uses pain and hurt dawns in your mind. BING! Light bulb! Or He allows us to pass through a period if sadness and loss. The emotional self is stirred and experiences a season of maturing and deepening. All if this can happen while the physical self is operating in a weakened state. ‘When we are weak then I am strong’,  takes on a whole new level.

I use to think I was in better shape in my twenties but man was I wrong. I was mentally a wreck, emotionally unsure, and spiritually just waking up. At forty-seven I really feel like I am in better health than I was back then. The Lord knew I inherited depression and worry from my family. So, Jesus has been working on my mental landscape for quite a while. I have been learning how guys need their emotions. If I did not use them then I would have a part of me stunted or cut off. Not a good option for a full rounded life to function with. Spiritually, I have been learning how to view a relationship with Jesus and people with a new set of eyes. Rituals and practiced prayers are becoming a thing of the past. It’s funny, that physically I am leaner but being readied for more  long term endurance then short term power. The inside health has broken up and affected me all the way to the surface.

Jesus knew when to use his mind and his heart. He was physically capable of doing whatever task was before him but he also knew when to commune with God in the spirit. He could cry like a baby but when He had a job ahead his set his face like flint. Talk about a complete and healthy man. And isn’t the Lord forming His Son in us? We are on the same journey if we are the Lord’s children in this world.

The Lord functions in Eternity with humans who for now inhabit Time. He knows how weak and precious each moment we have. The Lord has our days numbered. He won’t put us in a place to sit and fritter it away. If you are physically hindered consider what layer of your whole person He is maturing.

Wouldn’t you know it that the Lord got down into a place that I thought was doing well and I found it was not. He showed me that I still do have resentment and anger that I harbor deep down. He had to let me get worn down physically, mentally, and emotionally to understand it was stuffed away in the spiritual part of my life. Big issues that derail trains can be caused my one loose bolt. I think I need to take what He is showing me to heart…mind, body, and soul.

I think the reason why we, as a nation are seeing a time of distress and trouble is because God wants complete and whole people. Ask yourself  have I grown in an area of my life that needed to mature over the past few years? If you answered yes then I pray that your personal struggles have been maturing a deeper richer life for you.

Go Carpe some diem!



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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5 Responses to God Won’t Waste your Time

  1. George Krickl says:

    Gary…I often feel the “narrow road” we are called to is the journey of faith that you so well defined here…it is often difficult, but only because we want to leave the road for the “easy” road, the road with no pain…but no pain, no gain…and we gain the most precious promise God has given us; to be transformed into His likeness…thanks for this, and get better soon.

    • gpavants says:

      Hi George,
      It’s great to hear from you. Thank you. Yes, the real life isn’t easy but it’s rich and satisfying. Maybe it will take getting hungry to help us realize what good food is like.
      Keep on commenting and living it out, brother.
      In Christ,

    • gpavants says:

      HI Simon,
      This is your blog. soul miner? That’s great. I want to support your voice too. I will try and get plugged in. Thank you for going with the shift the Lord has laid out for you.
      He has his time for every part of our life to grow for His glory. Keep on walking, friend.
      In Christ,

  2. David Mata says:

    Thanks Gary. Just got around to finally reading this. You have a real talent. After I thought “I have gone through enough Lord”, His still allows “one more thing”, one more challenge. So, I thought “really?” “OK, Lord, I have learned to totally trust You, no matter what. No matter if I can’t see the sense or reasoning behind all this challenge. You HAVE been faithful to bring me and my family through everything. I trust You, for You are a God of Love.” Therein is my Peace.

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