I’ll Race You!

I’ll Race You!


            She drags her foot a bit until she can right herself with her walker. CLICK. CLICK.CLICK. Ms. Glory slowly but determinedly eases her way to the church doors.

I watch her and wonder how she does it week after week. There are days, even extended periods that she is wiped out. However, weak as she appears, Ms. Glory shines through the dark clouds around her.


            It’s then Ms. Grace hobbles in the picture. She had a bad fall and hasn’t been the same. At least she’s upgraded from a wheel chair to a heavy cane. TAP. TAP. TAP. There is another trooper tramping their way to Sunday morning service.


            They see each other. From this position in the parking lot I can’t really hear what they are saying. What I can hear is the rubber and metal of their walkers echoing in the courtyard. That’s okay, because I can read body language, for the most part.


            Ms. Glory dons a huge smile. “Good morning, Grace.” CLICK. CLICK. The other lady looks up in mid stride.

            “Beautiful morning, Glory.” TAP. TAP.  They both slow but never stop moving.

            CLICK. CLICK. “One of those week?” CLICK. CLICK.

            “Yes, but I made it.” TAP. TAP.  Ms. Glory has twinkle in her eye. It has to be special because I can see it from here.

            “God is good,” Ms. Glory replies.

            “All the time?”

            “All the time.”

            “That’s good.”

            “Hey, ” CLICK. “Grace.” CLICK. “I’ll race you”. CLICK. Ms. Grace straightens herself up as straight as she can.

            TAP. TAP. TAP. “You’re on!” It is all in fun but it is great to see those two able to do what they do.

            CLICK! CLICK!

            TAP! TAP!



            CLICKITY, CLICK!

            TAPITY, TAP!

            I think it is a tie. The usher is clapping and handing them a bulletin. I guess in this situation that trumps a winning ribbon.

            Look at me. I am sitting in my car because I have had one of those week’s too. Okay, I am not hindered physically, I am actually in decent shape. My mjnd is intact, for the most part. It’s my attitude that is in need of an adjustment. Things are not going my way, so I am pouting about it. Other than that, things are great. It’s something inside that God is pointing at that is troubling me. I do not want to face it. I want to stuff it.

            I am contemplating just closing the half-opened door and driving home. The keys are still in the ignition. Tucking down with my tail between my legs and my head under a pillow sounds like my escape plan.

            Then I think about those two ladies. What excuse do I really have? They live with pain and sorrow everyday, yet they show up almost every week. Might I add with a smile, a real one to boot.

            I realize that I can always find a million reasons not to gather with others and hear from the Lord. I know that the answers and comfort I am looking for is the very place I am running from. I take a deep breath in and brush my fingers through what is left of my hair.

            CLICK. I turn the key. TAP. I shut the door. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. I may have come in last place in this race but at least I finished. I reach out my hand and take the hand of the usher.

            “Good to see you, Pastor. Has it been one of those week’s?” I wobble my head.

            “God is good.” He reminds me.

            “All the time?” I laugh.

            “All the time.”





About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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2 Responses to I’ll Race You!

  1. Kelly says:

    I had one if those weeks also…because I’m trying to do God’s will. God is good, all the time. Thanks for sharing, Gary. 🙂

  2. David Mata says:

    Loved the message and the story. Well done. Gives us a lot of perspective . Thanks for blessing us. 🙂

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