L o v e Mania


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“L o v e is never haughty or selfish or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable or touchy. “


                                                1 Corinthians 13: 5


“You gotta try this pizza. It is the bomb. Oh, my gosh, I love, love, love it! ” Do you have something you can recommend like that? That is a form of the word love that you just have to have it. You are just crazy in love with someone or something.


The word mania is that kind of love. It is a strong, powerful drive that some say borders on obsession. There is a lot of passion behind it and it comes out in the realm of emotional fervor. When I see my wife, or should I say hear my wife, across the house screaming, as she is rooting on the Chargers, that would qualify as mania at its best.

I can’t give her too hard of a time because when the newest hero movie comes out I am

already watching the trailers or making plans to see the film. It can easily pop in my head ten times a day.


Of course I am sure that obsessions can get overly obsessive and that is where the term maniac comes from. It is sad to say but anything, especially good things, in this world can be twisted. That is our fallen nature for you. We turn a passion for a dream or a strong desire to succeed into our all and all. I am reminded that we have a vacuum in our lives that longs to be filled. It refuses to be empty so it is never satisfied with things unredeemed in this world. It longs for something truly satisfying. ( not a snickers bar.)


Here is the rub of this love journey. If I apply the use of mania love towards a person it tends to go south. You know how we say we will die if we do not have this person in our lives? We can’t live without them…don’t make me sing the song if you already know it.

Aren’t we seeing more and more couples hurting or killing each other in the news? How can people do this to their loved ones if they love each other?


I must confess that in high school and college I scared off girls I was dating because it was mania instead of real love. Those were hard lessons to learn but everyone has to start somewhere.  In my experience I found lust and passion are like a sprint when real love is more like a marathon.


Maybe its a mania we harbor toward a person instead of the love that is really meant to connect them. I could be wrong but as I look at the five words for love: mania, eros, phileo, storgy, agape, I see a progression. Mania looks like a starting point. 

It leads us up to the highest form of love that only a relationship with the Lord can provide. Agape, unconditional love, is truly the embodiment of God Himself. Basic love and feelings are the warm up but there is so much more that we can experience.


Animals can be obsessive in their love of things. Try taking away a bone they are lovingly gnawing away on if you REALLY want to test it. Even though society wants us to think we are free and open as the animals in our use of love, we are humans. As humans we answer to a higher calling. We are made in the image of God Himself so why would we settle for a cheaper form of anything? We are made to experience a much, much higher form of Love.


If I have not scared you off then maybe we can enjoy this journey together. So, keep posted on the next few…posts. They will open up love a little bit more. Now if you will excuse me I have to find a remedy to another mania. My iPad, thanks to my pre-teen daughter, replaces the word love with the words One Direction every time I type.




About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to L o v e Mania

  1. Fickle…or…limited…great description of human love…Glad we’re God’s imperfect kids. 🙂

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