Assimilate This!



If you ever find yourself on a starship and a strange mechanical looking cube appears on the view screen, warp your behind out of there. If you hear the following words it is probably too late:


We are the Borg.

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated in order to service us.




In the movies they are cold-hearted cyborgs, half human half machine. As one mind, or collective they take what they want to meet their own needs.  I am glad we don’t have that issue in real life.


Did I turn Borg? I assimilate facts and ideas and make them serve my needs. Yeah, it is a form of taking things of this world and turning them into something useful. There are times I build on other people’s efforts. I get a brain download just watching a new sci-fi or comedy. My ideas are now upgraded courtesy of someone else.


Is this not what the Borg do? And they don’t say please. (At least I do that first.)

So it is a battle to not think of yourself 247. We are to take from the world around us and somehow assimilate it into our lives. I guess that is where wisdom comes in. Knowing what to absorb and process and what to reject that is actually working against us. Now that I think about it, even good things I take in can be twisted if I use it for my own selfish needs.




Thank the Lord he uses everything for good. He takes it all and somehow turns it into eternal glory. If I think of turning everything I pick up in this life as useful for Jesus, then assimilation takes on a whole new designation, I mean name.


So, when my selfish Borg nature wants to keep all the goodies for me and my own collective, I need to remember who it all really is held together by.


Lord, take all that I collect in this life as I am passing through and turn into things you can use. Help me when I think it’s all about me and my needs. I know that if I let you have control then things will turn out better than I could ever think or imagine.  If YOU say ,”Resistance is Futile”, then that would be music to my ear.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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2 Responses to Assimilate This!

  1. David Mata says:

    Loved the analogy Gary. Very original! Liked this very much and it is very applicable.
    God bless.

  2. gpavants says:

    Thank you,
    Let the Lord assimilate your life.
    Live long and prosper,

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