What the Tooth Guy Said



And these signs will follow those who believe…they shall speak with new tongues.”


                           Mark 1:17




If I close my eyes I can see that poster in the dentist office. There is a picture of an open mouth with nasty teeth. The accompanying text reminds the patient that disease starts in the mouth. If you keep those teeth clean you can prevent the rest of your body from being affected.


I thought about words. They come from out of the mouth. If not used wisely they can damage people. They do say ‘sticks can break their bones but words will never hurt me.’ To be honest with you misused words hurt more deeply.


You do know that God’s power is in His words. By his mouth He created all things. God spoke everything into existence. When He made man, they were made in his image. I think that we have on some lower level that same power. Think about it, nothing else in creation can think and speak like humans. We are unique and with that uniqueness comes responsibility.


I can build a person up with words or destroy them to their core. The Bible says that that little tongue in our mouth is a raging fire. It needs to be controlled or it will control us.


I even think we create an atmosphere in a room by the words we speak. Have you ever sensed a dark cloud looming over a negative angry person? Those who brighten up a room often do because they are speaking kind and uplifting words.


God teaches us through his Holy Spirit when and where not to talk. God knows when to be silent. If He spoke out against sin at certain times, we would be devastated. He knows when to listen and cultivate silence. God knows when to use those sharp words to convict, guide and challenge. When sin is exposed in us, the Lord knows how to speak word of renewal and healing.


Conversations build things between people. Good words do build up a life, while nasty words open bad doors and kill. In many ways it is like the Force from Star Wars. It’s not the best comparison but we have taken a power and either create or destroy.

If you do not believe me try a few tests this week.

Listen to a love song, an uplifting song, or a poem. Then listen to a song that has foul lyrics.  What emotions or feelings have come from that? Our world is full of words. How we use them will open doors for the Lord to work or the enemy to run amuck. Just remember what the Tooth Guy said.



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to What the Tooth Guy Said

  1. Kim says:

    This is good Gary! So true!

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