Pray for Eternity, Instead of More Time.



It’s already four o’clock. I promised myself that I would leave by four and get home at a decent time. Yet, I look at the pile of ungraded papers, the note to call some parents, the wall that needs to be changed for the next story, and, and and. I wish I had more time.

Actually, I wish I could have an extra day some where so I could get caught up. Better yet, I wish I could put time in a bottle, yes like the song, and stop  everything for just a day, one day. I could get everything done and not feel so overloaded. Yeah, that would work.

Then reality kicks me in the butt. Who am I kidding? Praying for more time isn’t going to happen. I only have 24 hours in a day and only so much energy. 

Over this past year, I feel the Lord has been talking to me about time. Of course I can do a lot more to use my time wisely. Plan ahead, don’t pack so much in a day, etc. However, this isn’t so much about my time as it is my attitude toward time.

I often wonder why people are in a hurry. Really, why are we pushing, straining, and rushing from one appointment to another? Is it making life easier or more frenzied? There is a restless, go-go, getting all I want before the clock runs out.

Maybe that is it. Are we afraid that life is too short and if we don’t get all we can , we will loose it before we die? But doesn’t that work against itself? I am worried about running out of time so I hurry and speed up the process of stresses that lead to my demise? It’s a huge catch 22.

So, instead of more time, which can be squandered, it’s eternity I need to pray for.


When your life is based from a place that isn’t limited, then you aren’t afraid of slowing down. There is a curious phenomenon that I have discovered: Life is short, so slow down and enjoy it. Make the most of this life but, make sure it’s affects eternity.

I think of this way, if I run out of time and don’t finish all I was meant to, maybe it wasn’t my part to play. Maybe it’s someone else’s call to finish it up. Besides this life is no longer mine. I have given it to Christ and He knows what my life should be. He did say to God, “Not my will but yours be done.”

I pray that we see our new lives in Christ as based in eternal places. We have a short time here and then we get to get on with real life. This is like those tutorials in a video game. You know, before they send you out into the real game they give you a chance to learn what the controls do and how you function in your character. 

You can loose here because this is all fading anyway. People can treat you bad because you know how good God treats you. Going hungry? Thirsty? Broken? Your rest is coming and you won’t have time working against you. 


Yes, this is a different mindset but maybe it’s just spending more time in eternity. It’s a perspective that doesn’t change.  


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to Pray for Eternity, Instead of More Time.

  1. Severt Johnson says:

    it’s all part of God’s plan buddy.

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