Why are You Weeping?



            “How’s your coffee?

            “Different,” he smacked his lips.


            “You enjoy experimenting, don’t you?” She replied.

            He held up his paper cup. “When on Earth…”

            “Harkens, you know we need to blend in.”

            “Trust me, Melody, people are so busy this time of year they won’t give us a second glance.” Harkens took another sip and smacked his lips. “Talking about blend, I can really taste the cinnamon and gingerbread.”

            Melody grinned. They both sat a moment people watching. The coffee shop door never stood still.

            “Busy, busy.”

            “Right but it’s not just the holiday season.” Melody nestled the warm cup between her hands. “People are just going all the time. They never seem to slow down.”

            “Why is that?”

            She gave him a look. ” We know why. That is why we are here.”

            “And that…?” Harkens points at a family sitting outside. “Is that part that confuses me the most.”

            Melody turns her head letting golden girls uncoil. “But they are believers. Why are they such a mystery to you?”

            Harkens rubs his strong jaw. “I can see how people of the world who have no hope morn. They don’t see Eternity as their future.”

            “Most people don’t.”

            He shakes a finger. “But Christians see beyond these dismal years. Surely, they have had a taste of what awaits them?”

            Melody shrugs.  “You’d imagine.”


Image                 Image


            Harkens shook is head. “That family has lost a member but they are Home now. They have received their reward.”

            “True.” Melody perks up her ears. She examines the mother and father sitting in silence.

            “Heaven is joy and death has no fingers there,” Harkens extends his hand as if he could reach through the glass window separating. “There is no weeping in Eternity.”

            ‘Why do they mourn this place?’


            Harkins shrugged. He took a sip of his coffee. “It does have good coffee but I’ve tasted better.”

            “This is just a pale shadow. It’s all so flat and lifeless.” Melody frowned. It seemed so unnatural on such a heavenly face.  “I see what you mean. They are still attached to time and what they see. Do you think they will understand what’s really awaiting them?’

            Harkens smiles. “Of course. The King is King of hearts and minds. He always turns the best and the worst stuff into a way for humans to understand.”

            Melody smiles. She raised her cup “And angels too.”

            Harkens toasts her “And angels too.”




About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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