Open THAT Door!



“ I will walk about in freedom for I have sought out your precepts.”

                                                            Psalm 119: 45




Last time we spoke I was talking about how to close doors that brought fear into our lives. Just like in life, the door swings both ways. Being able to recognize what doors to open is how we know how to take good risks in our lives.


I remember hearing a quote that I will paraphrase. It said something about believers knowing what not to do and what they are against. The flipside of that is what we ARE to do and what we are FOR.  I think that so many people believe that all Christians know how to say is NO to anything.  Maybe they see us as only defined by all the “do not’s” of the Ten Commandments. They need to know that we are actually free to live life not to be afraid to break rules.


Yes, we are to turn our back to sin but we are to live in grace and freedom. The Lord has not asked us to have fear but courage. We aren’t to hide our life safely under a bushel. (Ah, remember that bushel is made of flammable material.) That light is going to shine; we can’t hide it no matter what we do. The Holy Spirit is a flame that burns baby burns?


Now just so you know, I am not a man who is in your face. I don’t go busting down doors, walking up to people on the street, and preaching to them. I am not a fiery preacher who doesn’t care who I offend. 


I am actually quiet when it comes to being bold for my faith. I tend to be a people pleaser, often shy, and do things behind the scenes.  So for me to talk about taking risks as a believer you know something is happening.  Maybe it’s me but I have seen more saltshakers put on the shelf in fear of offending someone. I have notices unlit candles hidden away or worse yet, through discouragement or misuse, get snuffed out.  That is not the life the Lord called us to.  We are the light and salt of the Earth.


We have hope. This is not our home. We can risk opening the doors before us because we are not doing this alone.  The key is asking the Lord what doors we are meant to pass through.  Sometimes it’s our own front door that is the hardest to open.  I want to grasp the handle and walk out to someone just outside.  If it is that important why is it so hard? It’s been our habit to slip in and of our garage using our remote control. Slip in, lock tight, and ignore the world outside. 




That sounds more like a prison than a home.  That is not living to me. Living involves risk, hurt and possibly heartache. It might mean encountering harsh words when we give out kind ones. There is always the possibility of being misunderstood or actually being hated for showing God’s love to others.  It might even come from someone who has called your brother or sister in the past.




Maybe there is the part we do not see but God sees? Hard people might be hard because no one is showing them kindness. Folks are playing in the dark because no one is a friend in the daytime.  It might be that neighbors aren’t acting neighborly because neighbors like us don’t love our neighbors. (Just smiling is a great way to start even if you haven’t made a connection yet.) You have to start somewhere.


I pray the Lord will give you the courage to open the door He has placed before you.

Come on and see what God is doing outside your door.  The light might be bright at first but you will get use to it. Then He will show you the next step and whatever else He has planned.  Don’t let the condition of things scare you.  It’s been a rough year and there is some work to be done. Will you help? The fields, outside your door, are ready for workers.


Open THAT door!



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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  1. murmaid11 says:

    Gary, this was wonderful.

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