Sticks & Stones



I am excited to be teaching a new class this trimester. It is called Film Culture. Students will watch films that have certain elements that affect society. They will discuss these ideas as they view their feature, understand the underlying layers of storytelling, and finally blog about what they learned. They will be able to express their opinions and build an audience who will hopefully respond back. I will be expressing my views as well For the next seven weeks my blogs will be part of this new educational experiment.

Thank you for your regular comments. It will be an inspiration to my students to have a voice and share  their thoughts.


2001 A Space Odyssey was our feature this week. It was a film by Stanley Kubrick from 1968. I had always heard that it was a wild ride in space with some concepts that not everyone understands.  We were asked to focus on the concept of interpretation and look at characters or situations through our own eyes.


Change always disrupts things. It comes at the most unexpected times. In our film there

was a group of ape people who were very happy to live a peaceful life. Most animals around them were friends not food. However, they lived in fear from a unneighborly group of apes and hunted by a jaguar who ruled the food chain. One day a large black rectangular stone popped up. Somehow it was a force that brought change in their lives.One of the apes learned how to think, create, and hunt. Sticks and bones became tools and weapons in their hands.These dosile creatures changed from being the fearful and the hunted to a force to be reckoned with. Their lives were shaken up for better and for worse.


Jumping ahead thousands of years man came on the scene. They had traveled to space and had built a relatively peaceful and perfect life once more. Men and women of different countries worked together to build a harmonious society. Then at the most  unexpected moment change happened. On the moon, scientists found another rectangular stone which they called a monolith. It led them to launch out farther into space towards the planet Jupiter to discover its source. Again they were shaken from a comfortable routine into another unknown future. That change brought conflict, mystery, and uncertainty. In the end it propelled  a lone astronaut into an adventure that took him where no man had gone before.


I think the message for us today is not to fear change. In America we have grown very comfortable and relaxed. We like things to come easy. I fear that we have lost our edge and our sense of adventure. Maybe a change is coming just  around the corner. I wonder what we will lose in order to gain a chance to grow? We don’t  know what, when or where, or do we?  In the movie, the voice of change came as the stars, moons, and planets line up. Maybe it’s time to turn our eyes up and look to the sky. I don’t suggest alien intervention but maybe a direction that points us in a better direction. 




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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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