Don’t Get LOST in a Crowd



Those whom you have gave me I have kept and none of them is lost…”

                                                                        John 17:12



This week’s feature for Film Culture was the ground-breaking television show LOST. Its creator, JJ Abrams wanted to show that no one is alone in the world. We all need each other and learn from each other in interpersonal relationships. Abrams’ message to us is a famous quote that says, “No man is an island unto themselves.”


Our little community of 47 people are survivors of the Oceanic 815 crash. They are all strangers who are forced to live together or die alone. We are introduced to people who have brought their various, joys, sorrows, and all, into a fresh new start.


One of them is Jack. He is a doctor who jumps right in and tries to help. Funny thing about being a hero, as some refer to him, is that he is unsure of himself. In a flashback we learn that Jack’s father was a perfectionist. He always told his son to not be a hero. What stuck in Jack’s brain like a festering bee sting was when his father told him he didn’t have what it took to be a real hero. Those words from the past haunted him in the present. He is very unsure of his leadership. Until he can put his past behind and know where he is going, he can’t lead others.


Kate is a beautiful girl with a dark past. She never sits still. Kate runs from her past like the creature that roars through the forest. Maybe that is why she has a morbid fear of coming face to face with it? Kate has trust issues. That makes it very hard for her to let down her guard and be herself. The funny thing is that people trust Kate. She has wonderful natural leadership and survival skills. Even when she is being hunted down for a crime she DID commit, she still shows compassion for her enemies. The marshal who eventually arrested was dying but she cared about his last moments. Kate has a real heart. Maybe it’s very fragile and she only shares it with a few like Jack. At least she has one person who likes her just the way she is.


Our small band of cast-a-ways are sort of a sample of the world. There are a lot of different nationalities, religions, and relationships represented there. People aren’t perfect but to make a community or even a family,  they have to work things out. You’re going to have broken people like Jack who doubt their abilities. However, we need leaders who have compassion for those who have been beaten down. Trusting complete strangers is always scary. If we never trusted anyone like Kate did, where would love, marriage, family, or friendship be? Being part of a community might bring heartache yet it can also brings joy. If you are a Jack, Kate, John or even Sayid, we need you. You are not just a faceless person LOST in the crowd. No man is an island unto themselves. 


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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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