Seeing the World through Button-Colored Glasses



Our movie this week was Coraline directed by Tim Burton. Our assignment this time asked us to change our perception of how we see life. Coraline learned that she needed to appreciate what she had. She learned that a perfect life doesn’t have to be perfect.


Coraline wondered if life really is greener on the other side. She wished her parents made time for her.  Coraline is frustrated at them for not giving her the attention that they gave to publishing a gardening catalog. That is why the Beldam began to tempt her. That creature preyed on children at their weakest so it could steal their eyes and replace them with buttons.  Since the eyes are the windows of the soul, they gave up their souls, as it were for momentary pleasures.


Coraline was tempted with good food, a beautiful garden, and spectacular entertainment. Her imperfect world was looking easier to walk away from with a perfect world within her grasp. I think Coraline had to learn that no one has a perfect life. She now appreciates her life even with the grumpy parents, eccentric neighbors, and friends who see the world from another angle.


I think temptations are everywhere. Our perceptions of what is real and what is fake, can often get flip-flopped. Bad things like to present themselves as a quick fix to larger problems. Drugs, sex, and even wild living look good even for a moment. However, they  only delay an issue that needs to be addressed. Coraline needed to throw away the key to the whole problem not just hide it away. When the key with the button was cast into the well, everyone could see the beauty around them. Who knows what wonders will grow up around us when we stand on truth and not live our lives in a dream world.




For those who like a little trip into your imagination here is a webpage that might interest you. Just don’t go Flapping Birds on this.


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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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