How a Biter Got Better



This week we saw the movie, Where the Wild Things Are. It was directed by Spike Jonze, based on the children’s book by Maurice Sendick. Our character Max had some emotional and mental issues in his life. In many ways he has exhibiting unacceptable behavior that seemed abnormal and erratic. That made him appear to be a troubled child that needed help.


Max’s parents have gone through a divorce. It is just the mom, the sister, and Max at home. After being almost buried alive in the snow, Max’s anger flares. He blames her for abandoning him when her friends went after him in a snowball fight. That incident literally snowballs into Max trashing his sister’s room and biting his mom. Max hid his turmoil under a monster disguise. I think the monsters he met were in fact all the different emotions he had been holding inside.  On the island they took on a life of their own.  He faced those monsters and found out that in the end that once he did, they no longer scared him. Max left home angry and sad, he came home all smiles. Something had changed inside Max and that changed the world around him. He could function as Max and not the king of monsters.


We often meet up with people who act irrational. It seems like the simplest thing can set certain people off emotionally. When that happens others are hurt like a cruel game of dominoes. It is so important that people learn how to manage their emotions. The fact is if we don’t manage our emotions those monsters will manage us. 



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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to How a Biter Got Better

  1. LAURENCE says:

    Chapter 5, cont’d

    page 3, cont’d

    lines19-22: The smell of……….convinces him that he wasn’t(isn’t) at home. The humidity level was(is) so high it feels as though a thick, wet, unseen blanket is draping over….. That began(begins) to dry…..

    lines 26-28 Levy felt(feels) more than small. His mind didn’t(doesn’t) have a foothold to explain what was (is) happening here. His emotions were(are) in a frazzle. Levy’s(Levy) just started(starts) walking. That usually helped(helps)….

    line 29: Of course he knew(knows)…..

    line 31: However, if time travel was(is) possible…..

    line 33: Levy shook(shakes) his head.

    lines 38-40: There was(is) a misty fog……It was(is) difficult…..the other shore wasis).

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