“Man’s futile wrath will bring You glory. You will use it as an ornament.”


                                                                        Psalms 76:10



My wife and I are in a scavenger hunt. We are at Winco looking for the organic label on food items. Surprisingly, we found these items in this store at a cheaper price. Isn’t it crazy how things have turned? The organic food is just everyday food without preservatives yet it now is the specialty food hidden from plain site. The “normal’ food designed by people, instead of by nature, is our acceptable option.


With so many things claiming to be good the fact is they are harmful. That sounds like the notion that goodness can be in the world without God. Some people believe that you can be moral and right without God in their life.


Good is a word that Jesus Himself said only belongs to God. If I am not mistaken that is where we derived the word. It’s kind of hard to spell the word with out God in it. However, people do good deeds for others, feed and cloth the destitute, and do all sorts of humanitarian things in the name of man’s goodness.


I tend to believe that you can’t fake good. Life can and will test the hearts of every person, good and evil. Under the smile, below the skin, into the real person beneath ,God’s fire is at work. He tests us under trial to expose who we really are. It can be a very painful and shocking examination. However, we all go through it in this life.


Nobody wants to be turned inside out. No one wants to find they are lacking or see their religion is void of the real love of God. The cross we wear has to be more than an outward adornment of a label we wear. The Lord is into making messed up people into real people. That’s called grace.


The Bible does talk about God turning our trouble and turmoil into a test; a refining fire, to make us real all the way deep down. He knows we aren’t good in any way without Jesus. Paul said our goodness was as filthy rags in comparison. So, with that established, we are all in the same boat, my friend.


Take heart. God loves to burn up the old junk in our lives, to make a new life in its place. That’s all part of His working in His people. If we could generate our own form of goodness we first, wouldn’t need His help and second wouldn’t see our need for Him. We would be self-satisfied with who we are and happily blinded in this life. That is until death, the great equalizer, will reveal how empty we were.



I pray that you allow the Lord to do that spiritual surgery in your life. Your good is stretched out. It feels like its pulled to the breaking point. It does not feel gooooooooooood.  If you feel like you are splayed open and your insides are exposed, take a breath. You are in good hands. One of Jesus names is The Great Physician. Do you know why? He just doesn’t treat the symptoms, He goes for the heart of his patient’s issue. He cuts deep but He has pinpoint precision. Jesus can find the source of your sickness and can heal you from the inside out. I just recommend not walking away from that operation until He puts you back together. That would be messy business.


I pray when your good is put back together, you will see the real source clearly. The outward things, the good deeds, the good intentions, will all be seen for what they are. Hopefully, your meaning of the word comes into sharper clarity. You will see that when you spell out good in your life you will have to change or lose a few letters. Then you will see you life become more than then sum of your parts.





About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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