It Takes a Body to Grow an Organ



He sat at the head of the table raising his glass of dark red liquid. “I know this is not the traditional Thanksgiving season yet, we have much to be thankful for.”

            The huge family around the long well stocked table raised a cheer.

            “We had a serious illness and almost lost one of our dear family members.”

            There was another round of cheers.

            “Thank you everyone for doing your part to get Mr. and Mrs. K back on their game.

            “Yes, we both appreciate how everybody came to us in our hour of need. “The little round-face couple smiled and waved.

            There was a low rumble and some clinking of utensils.

            “With that said, I need to remind you that they are, for that matter, this whole body gathered together, is still on the mend.”

            “We have worked overtime and need some rest,” replied Mr. Hand.

            “You think you’re tired. We have been on our feet for hours on end.” Mrs. Foot moaned. “We sometimes feel like we bear the weight of this whole group.” She nudged her toe at her other half.

            “That’s right,” he said.

            “Rest is good. We will all get some down time soon, ” Said the Head of the table. “Our focus should be to help the K family. They need some special attention right now.”

            “Hm, I see your point but we have to watch out for ourselves.”

            “I hear what you are saying but I have heard the talk going around. The K’s spend a lot of time keeping to themselves.”

            “That smells a little fishy to me.”

            The voices near the head examined the rest of the members around the table. The other quiet more docile individuals grumbled among themselves.

            “Those sound like lofty things cutting down us overlooked members.” muttered, Mr. Liver. “We battle with things daily that no one on the outside has a clue about.”

            “Are you saying you are the only hard workers around here?” One member uttered.

            “We all have our jobs and duties in this organization.” The Head reminded them.


            “I just think parts of this family are more into looking good or being part of a clique. They have forgotten why were put here.” Mr. Heart touched his chest. “We have to keep that matter at the heart of all we do, together.”

            The Head added, “We have to work together or we will all fall apart.” He paused. “Look at the same drink we all drink, the same food we all eat.”

            Every member looked up, down, and all around. Their glasses all contained the deep liquid glittering in their glasses. The bounty of food spoke for itself. They all became silent and digested that idea.

            “It takes all of us to help the other grow. We can’t be concerned just our own interests but those we claim to be our family.”

            The table got real quiet.

            “Just remember, when one of us hurts, we all hurt. When we all rejoice, it’s shared by everyone one else.” The Head smiled. “I know if you found a way to build each other up, even some parts of us that you deem lowly and un-presentable, your needs will be met.

            “Mr. Hand, Mr. K, Mrs. Foot, I know you will care for each other and respect who the other parts can do.”

            “All those in favor raise your…whatever you can.”

             In unity they toasted to the life blood that ran through their entire body, making them one. 

            “We all need each other. We are an living, breathing, and thinking organism not an organization.”

            “Though organization is important, “Senior Stomachio rumbled.”

            “Is it time to eat, Sir?”

            “How did you guess?”

            “Is everyone thankful?”

            The body cheered. “Amen!”



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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