What Frustrates God?


                    “I will pour waters on him who is thirsty, and floods on dry ground.”

                                                      Isaiah 44:3


Please bear with me as I assume a few things.

God is love. Love is patient, kind, endures all things. Love sees the best in a situation and is long suffering. We do know that about God and the love he pours out to us.

Does anything frustrate Him? Does He just take the abuse people throw at him daily? He is disrespected by people, deleted from people’s thoughts, villainized when things go wrong and should be righted. His role in many lives is minimized while His supposed lack of concern is maximized. It seems that if He interferes with our lives we shake our fist in anger. Then if He ignores our needs and wants we shake the other fist. It seems like a no-win situation.

I would think that after all He did to give us a beautiful world to live in we’d say thank you. Maybe we would acknowledge Him as the source of our life, our daily existence? How about the fact then when we did everything to possibly push Him away, He gave all He had to bring us salvation? He removed every single barrier and excuse we could come up with so we could be restored to a perfect life with Him.

So, why do we still give God the middle finger and defy His love for us? We don’t get it. God created us to love Him but He does it even in contrast to our chaotic ways. Day in and day out that love consistently pours out of Him. Look at a simple white and yellow daisy that defies the weeds and grows perfectly out of a trash heap. That is God talking to us.

If God had a place to be frustrated I think that would be it. He gave all He could give and people still piss off His blessings. They spit on His daily bounty of blessings.

Thank God, He is love. He does not grow weary or tired. He will love until the last breath of a person is exhaled. That kind of love sets aside frustration and believes beyond hope that maybe today a heart will change. God sees that anyone can change if they open their heart, their lives, one teeny tiny crack. One drop of His love is enough to infuse the dry earth of a person’s heart. He can make it moist and rich again. Obviously, that is why we serve a God like that. It is a love story that has a happy ending and a glorious every new beginning.

So I guess God would be sad and broken hearted before He would be so frustrated that He would give up on any of us. Does that answer that question?


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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