Dancing through Life

“He has brought me out of a horrible pit…and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps.”

Psalm 40:2


My daughter has been dancing for most of her twelve years. This poem is a reminder that life is a dance that we all learn the steps to. Whether we have or 15 minutes of fame or working backstage, we all have a part to play.

Dancing 5

Being on stage

As a dancer,

Means the light is on you.

What happens

When your body

Doesn’t follow

Your spirit?

Dancing 2


How does the dance change

When the light

Doesn’t shine

For you,

The way it use to?

Dancing 3


You walk among

The audience,

Behind the unseen

You encourage

Those who do the dance,

Encourage the dancer


You smile for the kind,

The unappreciative,

The mean;

You rejoice with those

Who rejoice,

Weep with those

Who weep;

Dance 4


You may not


The uniform,

The costume,

Or the shoes

But you are always

The dancer;

This time is time

To rest.


The mind

Won’t forget

The steps;

The heart

Never looses

It’s passion.

Tired dancer


Heal up.

Be the better



It’s on

Or behind

The scenes.


Dancer rests

You dance a dance

Through life

That weaves





And off

The stage.

Dancer resting


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to Dancing through Life

  1. Kelly Harrel says:

    Well said, Gary. To everything there is a season…

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