The Pencil entry #1


                          One day

                          The Great Author

                           Picked up

                          The Pencil.

                          He stared at

                         The blank piece of paper;

                         Clean and blank,

                         New and bright

                         Staring back at him.

                         It was ready for his


                         No words took shape


                        The Great Author

                        Penciled these words:


                        It all began…

                        And it did.


                        The Author’s words flared


                        The Pencil


                        Like lightning from the sky.

                        He began to build

                        A world of words

                        Each adding and building,

                        Blending and melding,

                        With the words that came before.


                        The plot was set.

                        The scenes colored.

                        Far places and near

                        Were prepared.


                        The Characters;

                        Their time had come.


                        The Great Author

                        Scratched his head


                        The Pencil.

                        He thought,

                        They, they would be


                        From all He

                        Had written

                        So far.


                        The Great Author

                        Stared at

                        The Pencil

                        He held in

                        His hand.

                        He wanted each person

                        To have

                        The choice

                        To write

                        Their own plots:

                        Their own unique


                        In their lives.


                        He would give them

                        Insight to His plan:

                        The plot scheme,

                        His ideas about

                        How the whole story

                        Would unfold;

                         The Author

                         Would share with them.


                        Everyone was happy.

                        The Story’s theme


                        Unbroken and perfect;

                        No run-ons, misspellings

                        Or questions about content.

                        They wrote together,

                        The Author and the Characters.

                        The Author saw his work

                        And smiled.

                        It was good.


                       Not everyone

                        Agreed with

                        The Great Author’s


                        One voice was louder

                        One voice was jealous.

                        He hated the fact that

                        The Author had written

                        A story unlike

                        Any that would ever be.


                        The Jealous writer

                        Seemingly, subtly

                       Wrote himself

                        Into the story

                        Under the name,



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to The Pencil entry #1

  1. Rebecca Farnbach says:

    This is good, Gary!

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