The Pencil pgs 3-4

The Twist would be
Cool, crafty and, ultimately
Somehow, he thought, he would ruin
The Story.
His goal?
S a b o t a g e.
The Twist lived up to
His name.
He’d do nothing
Out of character.
The Twist would just be,

He slipped in unaware
Or so he thought.
His words were clever.
The Twist’s plans
Were cloaked
And appeasing.
His desire was to turn
The plot;
To influence
The Characters,
Even just a little.
The Twist knew
That a little deception
Goes a long way.

The Characters were told
That the Author didn’t care
What they did or
Who they would become.
The Twist’s words
In time,
Began to be believed.
He convinced them
That his hands
Were better ones
To put
The Pencil
They wouldn’t be
All alone.
He would help them
Bring their creativity,
Their every idea to life.

He told them:
“I have written
Many tales
Short and long.
All the world
Has yet to read
My finest works.
But with your help
I…I mean WE
Will be famous

It seemed time
Was what
The Twist
To convince
The Characters
He was right.
He wore them down
Day after day
The Pencil
Was in his hands.

The Twist
Promised them fame;
They were forgotten.
He promised them riches;
Their lives were cheapened.
Freedom was dangled before them
But they became prisoners in
The Story.
The Story of LIFE
T u r n e d
From an epic novel
Full of hope
To a cheap tabloid;
A flashy newsstand paper.

The Twist
Even established
His own publishing company:
It published every story.
In every way it’s goal:
N e u t r a l i z e
The Truth.
Every book was
In some way
Or bent
With DEATH’S hand
And the Twist’s
Surly signature on it.

About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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