The Pencil Pgs. 5-6

The Pencil

The Story of LIFE
A lost dream;
A simple phrase erased
And forgotten.
It was all lost
Out of man’s reach.

The Characters groaned
With every generation;
Life for death
And death in life,
Each day they lived it.

They cried out for
The Great Author.
Where was He?
He must hear, doesn’t He?
Didn’t He begin this Story?
Doesn’t he know how it should end?
The Characters were tormented
Within and without
In their prime;
They were haunted
By their poor choices.
And by the cheapness
That now defined life.
Their words were now shallow
Reflecting their dormant spirits.
Nothing seemed worth trying.
“Why should we?
Somehow, The Twist
Would ruin it.”
The Twist was good
At that.
He was too good
At ruining their lives.
But since there was nowhere else
To go…

They were back to where
They were before.
Had the Great Author
Given up on them?
Had they gone too far?
So all they had was time,
Time to fritter
‘Til the Story came to
The Last Chapter
Of The Story.

Nobody noticed
When HE showed up.
Nobody was watching for him
They couldn’t tell you
They exact day
HE appeared.

Nobody knew
The man
Walking alongside the masses
Would stop and stand before them
Changing history, as they knew it.
The Story of LIFE
Was about to be brought
Into the light again.

“Anyone can write a story,
Large or small,
Epic novel or comic book.”
The man began.
“But they are empty
Without the Inspiration
Of the Great Author.”
With many such words
As these,
He spoke to the masses.

Many began to listen
To his discourses,
His sermons.
It was with
His words,
Not his appearance
That drew people to him.
Because actually he wasn’t much
To look at.
He wore plain clothes
And a plain face to boot.

This Plain Man could
Easily be mistaken
For a man in the crowd,
Nothing more.

But,when The Plain Man
Things happened;
Amazing, wonderful things.
Strange circumstances?
Many opinions floated
In the air.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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