The Pencil pgs. 7-8

The Pencil

What if his lies
Were exposed?
What if the people,
His following, stopped following
And turned against his plans?

The Author would win
The Twist
Would become what he was
At heart:

“But wait a minute…”
He pondered once more.
“The Author
Is only a man
While he is in
The Story,
Isn’t he?
And if he is in
This corrupted story
He could be led astray.”
It was his only shot
And he was going to try
With all he had.

One day
The Twist
The Plain Man
To his swanky office.
It was perched on top
Of the highest, massive building
In the city.

The glowing lights of
Flashed in neon colors
Dazzling from a giant marquis.
(There was no doubt where you were.)

The Plain Man
He passed by the rows
Of alluring secretaries
Poised to attack
In their own way.

The Plain Man
Passed up the water coolers
Full of sparkling mineral water
And intoxicating beverages.
Though his belly grumbled
He bypassed the buffet which
Was graced by caviar,
Sizzling steaks and the exotic delicacies
From all over the world.
He stepped over sporadic
Currencies dropped here and there.
He tracked it all under his tired feet
Shod in holy, worn sneakers.

The Twist
Grit his teeth.
He tried to intimidate
The Plain Man.
It didn’t work.
The Twist
Observed via
His video surveillance
That his first wave of tactics were
I n e f f e c t i v e.
Seeing various temptations
Didn’t phase or break
The Plain Man’s
Well-honed focus.

The Twist knew then
That bribery wouldn’t work
The Plain Man
Only wanted one thing
The Twist
Would never part with it.
Seemed to bend or break
Or compromise
The Plain Man.
His steps were sure and even
Across linoleum, carpet and, brick
Straight into
The Twist’s

“I know who you REALLY are,”

They both said in unison.

About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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