The Pencil Pgs10-12

The Pencil

“I know who you REALLY are,”
They both said in unison.
“I’m glad we cleared that
Right up,”
The Twist

Loosing up his power tie.
He tried to assume some scrap
Of control.
It was tough with
The Plain Man’s
Burrowing into his well-fed frame.
The Twist
Smoothly poured out
His well rehearsed words.
He made sure to enunciate and articulate
C l e a r l y.

“Nobody, in this story
Wants to be brought down;
Man, no one wants
To be reminded how many
Poor choices they have made.
That’s the past, this is not.”
His cool was melting
Perspiration rolled down
His upper lip.
“It depresses them.
What you have to say
Opens up some old wounds.”

The Plain Man
Cleared up the fabrications
“They are wounds that
YOU inflicted on them
And have never allowed to close,
Only to become infected.
You’ve made this story turn
From a Biography
To a farce!”
The Plain Man
Never shifted his weight
As he stood
The Twist
Couldn’t stop shaking.

“It was time for me to come.”
The Plain Man
“I’ve come to set the story
S t r a i g h t
And give them back
Their Life;
The Life you stole from them.”
“Life? Life?!
Sure you offered them life
But I offered them…ah fun!”
The Twist
Spittled off with his last
Strip of false-courage.
“They want to be happy
Who cares if it’s good for them!”

The Twist
Leaned forward,
His leather chair squeaked
Under the strain.
He spoke as if sharing
An intimate secret.
“What do you care
What happens to them anyway?
Give me a break, they are only
Characters you have created.”
The Twist
Cleared his throat
And chuckled deeply.
“What are you going to do,
Bring them to life,
Make them real?”

The Plain Man
There was a gasp that brought
S i l e n c e
To the room.
The Twist
Couldn’t believe what
He had just said as a joke
Was what
The Author had in mind
All along!

The Plain Man
Turned to go
The Twist
Screaming curses and threats.
“They are content as they are!
They have accepted my brand of happy!”
You are bad for sales!
You have a horrible reputation,
I’ve worked hard on that!
No one will buy your books!
They don’t want life,
They want quick fixes and fun.
They don’t want answers
As much as they do mysteries to poke into.”

The Plain Man
Was disappearing
Through the heavy wooden doors.
The Twist’s
Neck veins bulged
And his portly face flushed red.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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