The Pencil Pgs. 15-16

The Pencil

Attached to the press

Was a simple

But well preserved pencil.

It was

THE Pencil.

It was the one

The Twist


The Characters

Out of so long ago.

That was what

The Plain Man


What he came for.


The Plain Man

I n s p e c t e d

The strange way

The Pencil

Was modified

To the press.

When one wrote with

The Pencil

It instantly and obediently

Would print your very words

To the letter ;

In order to be read

To the world

And influence it.

(The Plain Man


That this was

A cheap imitation;

An attempt to create

As only

The Great Author

But no one could re-create

His unique Masterpieces.


The Plain Man,

The Pencil

Was much more

Than its simple appearance

Let on to those who were observing.

Behind their surfaces

Lay answers and questions


The Characters

Had never found

Resolution for…

Until now.

The Plain Man

Was not alone

In the printing room.

Above him

On the noisy scaffolding and catwalks

The employees

Gathered, led by

The Twist.

They physically surrounded him

And penned him in

With their angry words.

The Twist

I n c i t e d

The angry mob

Who cried out

Dangerous threats.

The Plain Man

Stood against

Their stares.

He didn’t budge

When they came near.

“For what reason

Do you face me so?”

The Plain Man


The crowd.

“Is it more than

The fear of loosing your jobs?

All of my words

Were Truth;

I hid nothing

That you didn’t

Already know

To be true.”

“It is for your declarations;

Who you are

Claiming to be!”

The Twist

Pointed his accusing finger.

“Tell them, tell them

Who you are or

At least

Who you claim to be.”

About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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