The Pencil pgs 16-19

The Pencil

“I am THE Author

I am His

Main Character,

The Protagonist

And…soon to be

The Pencil.

I know what was

What is,

And what WILL be.”

The Plain Man

Faced the crowd.

His words were weighty

And fiery.

The employees

Fell back against the railings.

Each one digested the words

That they were

Asked to believe.

“Where will you be

At the end of

The Story?

Whom will you trust

When the Final Chapter ends

And this book is closed?”

The Plain Man

Spoke to the crowd

As a whole but more importantly

As individual souls.

“You have been lied to!”

Both men

Said at the same time.

The Employees

Blindly rushed

In confusion at

The Plain Man

The Twist’s

Features seemed to change

In that moment

Of chaotic frenzy.

One moment he was

A cool, well dressed business man

The next

A fiendish figure

Bent on mayhem.

The Plain Man’s


Changed as well.

He seemed to glow with



And honor.

These virtues

Transcended and transfigured

His simple appearance.

“Open the cage

Let him see his precious


Write his own


The Twist’s

Eyes burned

In rage and madness.

There was a momentary


And nervous mumblings.

No one knew

Where the key

To the cage was.

There was confusion and blame

And a number of fingers pointing

Going on.

In the midst of the confusion

The Plain Man


The lock.

It fell

With a huge


To the metal floor.

The ring stirred

The crowd back to

Their mindless frenzy.

No one in that moment

Realized what had really happened;

That this was part of

The Story’s plot though.

Everything done

In the next few minutes,

Brutal and inhuman as it appeared,

Was the only way

To bring resolution and

The Great Author

Knew it.

In that instant of frenzy

The Plain Man

Claimed that which

Was his!

He stood


The Pencil;

One man,

One misunderstood man,

Against the world.

About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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