The Pencil pgs 20-23

The Pencil

The Machine,

The mighty press,

Seemed to writhe

In pain.

It too cried out

In a death throw.




These were its final statements;

The last printed words

The Machine would utter.

Finally, it ground to a halt.

In silence the ancient machine


The damage was done,

The losses were taken

And the business

Closed for the weekend.

Monday morning

Would be used

To assess

The damage

And clean up

The nasty mess.


The Great Author

Kept a different

Work week schedule.

Sunday morning,


The housekeepers

Kept their assigned rounds.

Mops, buckets and, the basic

Cleaning chemicals

Were pulled out and readied.

The ring and cling of keys

Replaced the work week’s

Normal buzz of conversations.

In the long empty halls,

Silence reigned.

But the silence

Would no longer

Be used

To cover

The Plain Man’s


And his powerful

Living words.


The housekeeper


Opened the door

That she dreaded

Having to open:

The door to

The printing room.

She dropped her bucket.

The Press…

It was running!

It was printing!


Stepped inside

To check it out.

“How could it be running?

I saw it die…

I saw him die.”


Picked up

One of the finished copies.

The crisp sheets of paper

Smelled very fresh

And the ink…it was

A brilliant red.

There wasn’t any sign of damage.

The Pencil was gone

And there wasn’t

A…body(she checked fearfully).

But the ink…

The words…



Began reading


“The Truth

                        Will never die!

                        It goes on forever.”

                        It brings life

                        And crushes death.

                        She read every page

That came out of

The Machine

Until her eyes got too tired.

These words

E x p o s e d

The Twist’s

True plans


The Story

And its characters.

Those words also told who

The Plain Man


What he lived and died for.

When she finished reading


Dropped the paper.

Before her stood

A man.

“Do you work here?”

She asked him.


Grabbed her mop

In a defensive posture.

“No, I just purchased this place.”

She stared at the man.

He looked familiar

But it was his voice

That she remembered.


Covered her mouth.

“Y…you are

The Plain Man

And that means you’re…

The Great Author


Didn’t he say he’s also become

                        The Pencil?

The thought echoed in her mind.

She pointed to

The Machine.

But how?

She seemed to say

In her shock.


The Pencil…


Were both crushed!

I saw it all!”

“You saw it all happen

And are a witness to the truth.

Now each character

Might know life;

A life much better,

Far richer in value

In so many ways.

You’d never imagine in

You’re wildest imaginations

What’s in store out there

For those who believe.

About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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