The Pencil Pgs 22-28 The End

The Pencil

The Press

Printed as

The Plain Man


It printed what he said

Word for word.

He didn’t need

The Pencil

To write these words.

It was in him;

It had always been.

“It is not lost then,”



“It’s in you!”

A smile broke across

Her face.

And for the first time

In this bitter woman’s life

The tears, the emotions

Flowed freely.


Two security guards

(We’ll call them Guard One

And Guard Too)

Were sipping coffee

And playing cards.

Both of them heard

A thundering sound.

They stood to their feet.

“Look,” One said.

“The sign is falling!

The sign is falling?!”


In one instant it stood

Glowing in all its neon glory.

The next, it collapsed

Into a cloud of fire,

Glass and, gassy smoke.

Only an outline

Of glowing rods,

A square portal,


The glow was not

Neon anymore.

In fact, since the main

Breakers blew

There was no way

Those lights

Could be or should be on!

Guard One concluded it was a miracle.

Guard Too thought that also.

“What have we done?

Both men’s thoughts

Were on

The Plain Man.

One was on the phone

To tell the boss

What had happened.

News traveled fast.

The Press

Continued printing.

The words of Truth were


Read and


By everyone.

The Plain Man,

The Great Author,

The Inspiration,

The Pencil

Had come.

The Twist

Was exposed

For who he was,

And wasn’t;

So was

The Great Author.

The Plain Man’s


Seemed to sum up

The brunt of this story.

(I’ll let the Great Author finish,

For I am so inferior in my

Description of his work.)

                        The red text

                        Holds fire in its words

                        And the precious

                        Blood of

                        The Plain Man.

                        Don’t forsake these words

That were laid down

                        At such a high price.


                        Be alert!

                        Know what is true

                        And what is false.

                        The answers you are seeking

                        Have been found

                        In The Author

And his will for you.

                        He gave

                        The Pencil

                        For you to know


                        He gave

                        The Plain Man

                        So you might know

                        The value of that freedom.


                        Real freedom

                        Isn’t traded or sold;

                       It was purchased

                       At such a high price.

                        It isn’t dangled on a string.

                        Don’t mistake Freedom

                        For bondage.

                        The Great Author

                        Will teach you

                        The difference.

                        He will also give you

                        The Inspiration

            So that you may know how

                        The Story

                        Really flows.

                        He will teach you how

                        To write;

                        How to express yourself

                        In a healthy way.

                        But know this:

                        You can do

Nothing of lasting value

                        Without him.



                        OPEN PRESS

                        Is yours

                        And yours alone.

                        Express the Truth

                        Because it will print

                        No lies.


                        Be alert!

                        DEATH PRESS

                        Is not dead,

                        Not yet.

                        It will hide itself,

                        Disguise its work

                        In the world.

                        It will try to parallel

                        Or closely imitate

                        The Author


                        Its Twisted composer

                        May change his name,

                        His face

                        But be wise:

                        He’s still intent on his desires.


                        He and his company

Will operate on a pirate level now.

                        Many, many things

                        Will try to counterfeit

                        OPEN PRESS’

                        Truth label.

                        Inspect all things carefully

                        But do not live in fear

                        Or paranoia.

                        Know your publisher

                        And the kind of work

                        He does.

                        Is it worthy of

                        The Truth?


                        Now to you

                        I give this challenge:

                        Who will publish

                        The chapters of your life?

                        Under whose label

                        Will your work,

                        Your Inspiration,

                        Be read?

                        What will be your theme?

                        Under whose guidelines

                        Will you submit to?

                        Will the chapters

                        Of your life

                        Be included

                        In The EPIC

                        And be read when

                        The Story


                        Or will you cheapen

                        Who you are?

                        Will you expose your life,

                        Your precious life,

                        To a hungry cruel world

                        And add your words

                        To the author

                        Of lies?


                        Reader take warning:

Your are nearing the Last chapter!














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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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