What has it got in its Pocket?

Empty pockets

In whom is hidden all the treasures of wisdom and honor.”

                                                      Colossians 2:3

What makes something precious? Is it its monetary worth that most of us agree upon or is it a personal worth that someone places upon it?

To Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, the magic ring was his obsession. It was a simple object, but it had something of great value and power attached to it, you could say possessing it.

He asked Frodo the Hobbit,“What has it got in its pockets, my precious?” When he finally found out that a treasure was hidden there and it slipped from his fingers. Lost. LOST!

At that time Frodo had no clue that a simple cast away ring had value. He couldn’t understand why this creature called it his Precious.

What one person calls precious others see as throw away junk. They do not understand the specialness of something. Case in point, my daughter has just slipped another rock in my pocket. We are on a hike and weight is a precious commodity yet, she asks me nicely to hold one more rock. She doesn’t have any pockets, but Daddy does.

I roll my eyes at the tiny pea –sized white rock. I want to ask why it’s so important, but one look at her eyes and I get it. She and I take home souvenirs of special memories so we can hold on to those precious experiences. My daughter wanted to have something attached to that moment so it wouldn’t fade into the past.


I am learning to look at the things in my pockets with a bit more care. I am standing by the copy machine at work. It has been one of THOSE days. I am worn and tired. One more set of copies and then I can get home. I put my hand in my pocket. My fingers see what is there now better than my eyes can.

There is a paperclip, a penny, and a set of keys with a worn Spiderman key chain. I finger the paperclip and it makes me think of the people I work with. They help keep me organized and together when things want to catch the wind and fly in scattered sheets. The penny reminds me that everyday I come to work, by God’s grace, I can make a difference, even for just one person. The keys represent the responsibilities that I have been given. Of course since it’s on a Spiderman key chain it has to remind me that, “With much power comes much responsibility.” Thanks, Uncle Ben for the reminder.

I am more thankful and a little more aware of the value of small things. I hope to remember that when days, like today, get busy and easily overloaded. I pray we all don’t ignore the precious little jewels that the Lord has hidden for us to find. Who knows if you aren’t caught up in the maddening rush you might just find something precious laying on the ground waiting for you to pick it up.



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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