How to Make a Dollar out of Rubber

Rubber people

By Faith…(we) quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight the armies of aliens.”

                                             Hebrews 11:34

Making your dollar stretch is a miracle in many ways. In these days many Americans who have been so accustomed to plenty are learning how to make things last or do without it instead. From a physical perspective it feels like things are falling trough the cracks. However, what we see as draining the bank account can be an opportunity to pack away truly lasting things in our spiritual saving account.

Much like a dollar, our faith gets stretched too. Just when you think you can’t be pulled and molded any further, the Lord tugs a little bit more. Why is that? Why has the heat getting hotter, the world getting colder, and our lives enduring trouble to point of snapping?


The Bible says that we are empty vessels. We have to be filled with something, whether good or bad. Could it be that we are being stretched and expanded to hold more of what the Lord can do in our lives? The “me” I know is being made into something better and more eternal. The vessel of our lives, like an elastic container, is now able to be filled with something greater than ourselves.

We have the capacity to hold the presence of the Lord’s Holy Spirit. That’s an unfathomable thing. That is probably why we are asked to endure trouble daily.  It’s so we learn to rely less on our own and have the room for the Lord to fill our lives. He knows the days ahead will not be easy and way beyond our capacity to handle them. That is why we have to make room for Jesus to inhabit those wide-open places and tiny crevices of our souls. We won’t crack and fade away under pressure. We are flexible and pliable. Think of who will need you strong when the crushing weight of life falls down on them.

The Lord can make everything in our life stretch to meet the needs we have. It can be our money, our time, our strength, little as it is, that the Lord does miracles with daily. I hope you can look at what you have and not what you wished you had as you make your plans. Trust that with the Lord is will be exactly what you need for today. Watch what He can do with things made of rubber or something just as flexible.



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