And then the judgment…

Heart on fire

Only God can make a tree

And a human heart.

He knows the workings

Better than the owner themselves.

Fire is the way

He has found that

Reveals, removes, and refines

The heart of a person.

He knows how to separate

Fact from fiction,

Truth from lies.

He knows what each heart will bear

And how much heat

Will release the hidden

Shrapnel that keeps a heart wounded.

NO two hearts are the same.

Yet, they are all designed

With the same capacity

For God in the very center.

They may look at life, death, and eternal existence


Yet, the need for a whole heart

Is the same.

God judges the human heart


I guess it can be done now

When real hope exists

For healing and forgiveness,

Or it can come later

When the heart has already

Hardened and set in its ways.

I choose now.

At least now

Whatever has come in between

God and I

Can be gone for good.

If I wait

My heart will find a reason

Why God won’t fit inside my life.

The lies settle

The fiction looks too real.

That life here looks better

Than what real life really is.

A heart on fire


But at least it’s alive

And what hinders it

Will burn away,

Leaving something much more precious


Heart on fire saying


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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