Every End Can Be a Beginning

The End

“But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in prayer.”

1 Peter 4:7


The end of the 2014 is here. How are you spending the last day of the year?

I woke up to snow outside. That happens every ten years or so. So, it feels like winter in so many ways. Winter to some means the end. Plants die, green is a memory, and the brisk winds can chill to the bone. To some this season signifies death. I have heard that people reach the winter of their life as they’re approaching their final years. So, in many ways an end can seem like a forbidding and haunting thing.

How often to most of us think of the end of our lives? I am guessing not many of us are contemplating this and if you do, people worry about you. However, it is something many cultures in the world consider normal. They say to number your days makes you appreciate the life you are living. Even the Bible quotes Moses who said:

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”   Psalm 90:12

As we end an old year we know that not everyone will make it into the new one. Their time on earth, their journey is over. I remember talking to my dad when my stepmom passed years ago. We all missed her and needed to go through a time of morning. However, I reminded him that God wasn’t done with him yet. Yes, we have grief, but we are still needed in the world for just a little longer.

I think that is what I wanted to really say to you. Grieve for your loss, but don’t get lost in your grief. If you are still breathing you can make a difference today. Seeing death, illness, and distress can make you want to curl up into a fetal position or sink deeper into your couch. Mean and bitter people can easily rub off on good ones.

As we end this year, we are gearing up for another. I encourage you to not let fear knock the wind out of you. Don’t let you’re sails crumple and fade when others need you to be full of the Spirit and let your light shine. Have a sober view of death, but don’t let it do anything to ruin your perspective on eternity. Remember friends, that what is behind us is gone and the best moments in this life are still coming.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to Every End Can Be a Beginning

  1. Kelly Harrel says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Gary. I try to live each day to it’s fullest, as this may be the day Christ returns. I pray 2015 is the year. 🙂

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