Let’s Keep Okay, Ok?


“For whatever God says to us is full of living power; it is shaper than the sharpest dagger, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires.”

                                    Hebrews 4:12


Words are powerful things. How many words in our English vocabulary have changed over the years?

We use to work with Mathematics, but now we plug through Math. Folks once traveled down thoroughfares, avenues and boulevards, yet how many of us see just call it a street and use abbreviations for the other two words? “How are you today ?” has changed to What’s up or sup? What’s up with that?

Then we have words like OK. It had a few more letters too at one point. He was Okay at one point, however somewhere along the years that word got halved. Yet, it still sounds the same and you don’t really miss the other letters. It became normal after time, but I can’t help think we lost something. See how many people text or spell the word today, K ?

Is it convenience, busyness, or laziness that has attributed to the simplifying of our language? One comedian commented that it’s only a matter of time before we abandon words all together and just provide sound effects to get our point across. That sure seems like de-evolution to me.

That’s why keeping something the same is so great. There is a lot of value in knowing your past. Somethings do change. That’s normal. However, not everything has to. There are things to treasure and keep sacred. I’m not saying the word Okay is one of them. I am saying that maybe slowing down and taking the time to keep things whole is a virtue that convenience should not try and modify.

Do you text in abbreviations or whole sentences? Sure we are all busy, but to take the time to really create a note tells the receiver that you care. At least I think it does. I am very proud of my twenty-something year old son who insists on writing his texts in complete sentences. I

God’s promises don’t change. I like the verse above that equates words from His mouth as being powerful and sharp. I think it is very possible to keep a time-tested foundation while building new innovations at the same time. It’s like the Lord who never changes, however can make things continuously new. That is the power of words and that is the power of God.

Words are powerful things. Let’s keep them that way, Okay?

Not okay


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