The Expanding Earth Theory

“And you have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”

                           Revelation 5:9

Earth edge

I have often wondered how eternity works? What I mean is what will we be doing on Earth and the universe? I do believe that we won’t be sitting still. The universe and reality are things that I think are yet to be explored by man. This blog entry is really just some thoughts, sprinkled with dreams, and maybe some encouragement to not throw away your faith in times like these.


The kids at school often ask me if I believe in extra-terrestrials, aliens, and the like. I tell them a couple of things. One is that I don’t think there is other life like us out there. Earth is very unique in the universe. I do think that God knows what He is doing and it is His show. If there is other life out there, they might have a whole different perspective, but they aren’t doing anything to confuse or distract us.


The Devil does stuff like that. My dad often said that maybe all those weird things people see get their minds and hearts off God. Anything that does that isn’t following God’s laws for mankind.

On that topic of Good and evil, C.S. Lewis said, “The good news is that all the evil in the universe is contained in one place. The bad news is, it’s on the planet Earth.”

Men in sorrow

Why would the Lord allow man to spread all their sorrows and troubles in a perfect universe? When mankind is redeemed and renewed, then watch out. It will be a wondrous playground to explore.

Earth Hands

In the book of Revelation we get a glimpse of the new Heaven and new Earth. It is perfect, but oddly there is no sea. Now the sea does have a few different meanings in this context. The sea can also mean “mystery” or “masses of people.” Of course God does reveal Himself to man so not having any mystery makes sense. However, what if there weren’t any sea? Water covers 75% of the world’s land mass. That means that there is a lot about the Earth that we have not discovered or learned about. What if He is ready to reveal that, too?


What about whales and all the other creatures that call the seas their home? Here is an idea (of course I am not a theologian, but I am a thinker, or try to be): what if they are relocated? I mean the universe is a big place. Water equates life. So in many ways, what if Earth is a seed that can be planted into other places so life can spring up? This was the place where life began. The Lord at that point would have worked us through the MAJOR bugs. Yes in Eternity, He is ready to plant Earth seed all throughout His magnificent creation. Whales are one his finest creations. I don’t think He is about to throw out that gentle giant with the ocean bath water.


So, without the sea, the Earth has room for more people. Think about all the issues that man has had with other men, fighting over land. No more. We all share the Earth as God intended. No more seas to separate us from each other. There is some very fertile land that man has never seen under that mystery of a sea. Instead of grasping over a barren desert with little oasis’ of water, or locking people out of choice property, the entire globe is prime real estate.

Perfect world

The Earth will become the place for the Lord’s throne. That means this little planet, this little orb named after simple dirt, will be the center of the universe. If you ever doubt that God can use nobodies and make them somebodies, think again. Jesus did say that to become great you had to be humble and be the servant of all. That kind of King makes for some kind of kingdom. The best is yet to come.

God's Throne

So, even though right now you may be doubting, or frustrated or even questioning your own sanity in a mad world, take a breath and consider what is coming. Why let the troubles now get you off track? Yes, things will get worse before they get better. I look at the dead grass, graffiti on a nice area, or hear of people doing horrible things to each other, and wonder how much more is coming. Then, I think about how temporary life will be swallowed up by real life really soon.

Take a breath. Let your lungs and your mind expand a bit. As things fade and shrink imagine what things will be like when Christ makes all things new. Let the possibilities of a new Earth be expanded in your mind and hearts. I hope that puts things back into perspective.

Earth seed

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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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