Frodo Meets Eru


This is our second entry into the lives of the characters who inhabit the land of Middle Earth. I many ways we can look at their struggles, triumphs, and experiences as our own.

Frodo Baggins was a character from the Lord of the Rings who truly made a sacrifice. Being a nephew of Bilbo, he inherited the One Ring and the burden of being a ring-bearer. He could have walked away from that monumental task that everyone around him knew would probably cost him his life. Out of love for friends, family, country, and the world, he bore that task right down the end of all things.

Frod the Ring-bearer

That’s not where the story ends. Let me back up a bit and tell you what having hope can do to a person.

When we first met Frodo, he was a carefree Hobbit whose smile lit up a room. He’s at peace in a peaceful little country without a care in the world. Frodo also had innocence when looking at the world within and without the borders of the Shire. Yes, he was very naïve to how the world, with all it’s problems worked, especially in the hidden evil of Bilbo’s simple golden ring.

Frodo in distress

Needless to say, Frodo came face to face with the worst horrors and nightmares this world could through at him. Let’s see he:

  1. Left his home and had to run for his life from Black Ring wraiths
  2. Almost blew his cover multiple times.
  3. Was stabbed with a deadly Morgul blade that nearly claimed his soul.
  4. Numerous times became a magnet for all sorts of evil because the ring was a magnet for drawing darkness to itself.
  5. Had to align himself with Gollum who tried numerous time to steal the     One Ring over and over.
  6. Was misunderstood time again from even his closest friends.
  7. Friends turn to enemies, etc.

Frodo put up with a lot in a short amount of time. When it was all said and done, he was worn and tired. Frodo had every right to feel jaded and cold toward life. He had fought the good fight and won. There are days when he wanted to lay down and die. Would any of us blame him?

Frodo is done

When we last see Frodo, he is given a special honor for being a ring-bearer. He is allowed to go where no one but elves are meant to go. The elves take white ships that leave the confines of the know world to the undying lands. In my opinion, it is going into the joy of eternity.

If you have ever read the other Middle Earth tales, you will come to know a character known as Eru the One. He created all things and rules the universe with great power and wisdom. Eru abides in the undying lands, and beyond. I don’t think this is much of a stretch to say this character was and is God the Father.

So, was Frodo sailing off to meet Eru and all those who have passed to where real life awaits? I wonder what kind of reception he got when he was greeted on the white shores? This little Hobbit was considered by the great and powerful on earth to be a nobody. However, in the eyes of eternity, his character shined out and was a very great and humble person.

As Frodo boarded that ship, with the great ones, Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf the Wizard, and dear old Bilbo, he looked back to his friends and close companions. There where no words, just that smile that he once had in his boyhood innocence. Of all the adventures that could have stolen his hope, this was the one that restored it, and that no power on earth could take away. He had seen what NOT loosing hope meant in that moment.

Frod leaving

Friend if you have suffered in this life because of your faith, don’t lose your hope. The world will try time and again to steal you joy. But you knew that didn’t you? However, when everything is said and done you will enter a great reward for your obedience. I hope that you will see with your own eyes that eternity is just a breath away. Keep breathing until you breathe the air of heaven just across that glorious shore.

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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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