Kryptonite Comes in Different Colors…and Flavors.

Superman and Batman
“For by you I can run against a troop, by my God I can leap over a wall.”

                                             Psalm 18:29

I love the color green. It reminds me of growing things and new life in general. If you ask Superman his thoughts on that particular color, he might give you a hesitant look. To him green means weakness, pain, and discomfort. To the Man of Steel that is the color of Kryptonite, one of the few things that knocks the super out of his name.

In reality wouldn’t you agree that we all have a form of Kryptonite that we fear as well? There are things in this life that knock us down and strip us to the core the moment we come in contact with it. For some its drugs, while others it’s a bad relationship. There are even odors that draw us into places that we know might make us stumble and humbled. The point is that we all know what causes us to fall from grace and into sin.

To me Kryptonite is a leather band and a ticking clock. I don’t wear a watch because I easily become a slave to time. I feel like I am going to run out of hours and not get everything done in my lifetime. The clock will run unwind for me before I finish what I want to accomplish in this life.

Sweets are another form of Kryptonite for me. We have Diabetes in the family and we all have inherited a sweet tooth. Talk about a set up for a fall. At Thanksgiving time we all have to have some sort of self-control, but it hard when Mom loved to bake her goodies, too. Sugar-coated Kryptonite, what a way to go.


Knowing your weakness and temptation is one thing, avoiding it is another. We all have weaknesses in our lives. Even the best of us have to bear them. No one has an immunity to their own personal Kryptonite.

What does Superman do when he is faced with his green-menace? I think he knows that the sun is his place of strength. Isn’t that funny that to him we are the weak people, yet we have a strong sun that makes Superman who He is. His own home, his old life, is what causes him to stumble and fall. There is something worth considering there.

Hm, we have a Son to reach out to as well when we are weak. Out own blue-green world is deadly to us at times when we want to do what is right. I think the one who wants to overcome their poisonous rock need only to turn their back on that chunk of their old life and reach for the life-giving light. Could it be that we would never reach up if life down here was perfect?

Superman holding Krytonite

Maybe Kryptonite is a blessing in disguise? We loose any pride or trust in our own fallible abilities and have to depend on the One who truly holds all the superpower in the universe. The Lord is the one who stoops down and makes us his heroes after all.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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