“Let us also lay aide every encumbrance and the sin that so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith.”

                                                Hebrews 12:1-2



I learned what the word lean means. I guess you could say, I relearned it.


I don’t know how I did it, but all of my files, my stories, blogs, etc. got dropped into my computer’s trashcan. Thank the Lord I was able to get them back. However, they are all now disorganized and I have to reconstruct all the files. It seems like another inconvenience and I wonder why God has allowed me to go backwards a few steps, when it’s hard to move forward on a daily basis.


Then I look at the process He is doing in my life and others around me. The Lord is trimming and slimming down a lot of the excess things that easily bog us down. At first it seems like a loss until I see what it frees up. I have lived a life of excess when it comes to my time and my activities. I think, if I am hearing what God and His word reminds me, that too many things in life can distract me from running this race with endurance.


My computer is the perfect example of my life right now. It has been running slower, even freezing up on simple tasks it’s asked to do. The computer is being taxed by too much information, too many programs being opened, and its memory is not able to keep up. I wonder if my eight-year old Mac would complain that it’s feeling its age?


So, what happens. A file dump occurs. The whole life is opened up and we see how many piles of redundant bits of information are just lying around. How many duplicates and extra slush is…slushing around just wasting time and energy? I can just cut and paste it on another drive or I could take the time needed to help Mr. Mac keep running smooth for the road ahead.


So, here I am downsizing files, dumping out the old, getting down to the files I am using or will use. It is very cleansing in every area for me. Mentally things are gone that were on the to-do-one-of-these-days- that-may-not-come-list. Physically there are weights removed that once made my shoulders stoop. Socially, I can get to other things sooner that involve people. Spiritually, I am being prepared for the long road, and see why rest and cleansing is important to my overall health.


I am leaner and ready for tougher work ahead. Then the word lean takes on another meaning. I also see how I leaned on the world around me and it piled it on. So now I can lean on the Lord and see how I can bear the burden with Him and let go of what keeps me down.


That’s what lean means to me.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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