Mushroom and Bitter Olives, Yum!

Sad Face

I am the only person in my family that enjoys mushrooms. Crazy, right? Nothing like sautéed mushrooms in olive oil and garlic. I guess like many things in life, it is an acquired taste. 

I have heard and seen from personal experience that taste buds change over time. What we wrinkle our nose at when we were ten, we sniff with great delight at twenty-something. Whether it’s because there was nothing left in the fridge or the fact we have matured, our tastes change. 

What is the bigger picture here? 

God meant His children to grow. We will always be children in name,  but if we didn’t mature we would never be equipped to deal with life. The world is becoming lonelier,  harsher, meaner, and more complicated. So that means we either get equipt to face the change or we cling to things that fade away in time.

Trust me, I love routine and comfort. However, I also don’t want to miss what God has planned. That means that I need to get aligned with His will instead of just pushing for mine. The Lord knows how to change our thinking by the experiences we find ourselves carefully placed into. 

Here are some ways He has shifted my perspective in order for me to face what is coming. Maybe you can relate?

Know that my little picture is part of a bigger one. Don’t make a big decision without waiting for the larger picture to become clearer. 

Don’t lose your JOY. To truly be joyful is more important than my happiness. JOY stands for putting Jesus first, then Others, then You. 

Wait for the other shoe to drop in a bad situation. In other words, if  God allows troubles and trials to bombard my life don’t let it knock your faith lose. Wait to see the good that God brings out of it in His time. 

Maybe the loneliness and sadness you are experiencing is so that you remember to not be so busy and miss a quiet person in your day? 

Those are a few places that the Lord has begun to mature my faith. He has been working on slowing me down, taking more time on whatever is to be done, and work alongside Him, not running ahead or falling behind.

Who knows what is coming ahead for any of us? Maybe He is asking you to no longer seek out the sweet and salty things of life. He could be allowing you to see the value of hot and bitter, maybe even sour things that fall on our plate. The Lord brings everything together to equipt His children to be men and women of God. 

Have you tried to bitter olives in a Greek salad? When it all works together it is a masterpiece. 



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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