Kylo Ren: Two halves, but Never Whole

  Have you decided what side Kylo Ren is playing on? Is he good fighting the dark side within himself or visa Versa? Either way you slice it with a light saber, this young man is very conflicted. Kylo, in many ways doesn’t know who he is. He emulates Darth Vader in mannerism, dress, and passion. Kylo projects an image on the surface that says … Continue reading Kylo Ren: Two halves, but Never Whole

Finn: Forced to be Awake

  Have you ever been going on your merry way, when something made you stop in your tracks? If you have, then you might understand the odd change of events ex-storm trooper Finn finds himself experiencing. One day, dropped into the  heat of battle, two First Order storm troopers get caught in the cross fire. Though on the outside they are both uniformly featureless soldiers … Continue reading Finn: Forced to be Awake

Rey: A New Ray of Hope

  I think the smoke has cleared and many people have already seen Star Wars the Force Awakens. So, I have a few stories about some of the new characters that have a story to share. Rey is a diamond in the rough. The desert world of Jakku in many ways is a throwaway planet. It cries out that the universe is in turmoil. Nobody, Empire … Continue reading Rey: A New Ray of Hope