Kylo Ren: Two halves, but Never Whole

Kylo Ren


Have you decided what side Kylo Ren is playing on? Is he good fighting the dark side within himself or visa Versa? Either way you slice it with a light saber, this young man is very conflicted.

Kylo, in many ways doesn’t know who he is. He emulates Darth Vader in mannerism, dress, and passion. Kylo projects an image on the surface that says one thing, but under the mask, he’s young, very young. Ask any stormtrooper who happens to walk into one of his temper tantrums with his odd-shaped lightsaber.


Kylo and Grandp

There are rumors that Kylo was seduced by the dark side because he taps into both halves of the force. (I wonder if this was part of Luke’s training that was intended to bring balance to the force?) Passion, anger, and aggression aren’t necessarily evil, he may have been taught, but it’s one’s character and personality that makes a big difference. (Or maturity level.)

Kylo has been partially trained and often feels the pull of the good drawing him away the dark side. He has just enough of both philosophies, no wonder he is erratic and confused.
Kylo even said himself that he is in constant pain. I think not choosing a side and trying to go too many directions would do that to a person.

Kylo unmasked


What do you think Kylo should do on his situation? Why is choosing a side good thing or a bad thing?

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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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3 Responses to Kylo Ren: Two halves, but Never Whole

  1. I think after ***SPOILER ALERT*** killing his Father, he’s pretty stuffed now. If he comes back to the light, he ain’t getting past that one. I hope they make him REALLY bad

    • gpavants says:


      If Kylo does turn good, he would have to do something spectacular to redeem himself. Sadly, I think your right, he want to purge himself of any good before it’s all said and done.

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