Expected to Still Be Superman While It’s Raining Kryptonite.



G.P. Avants


Ever have a day when it feels like everything is going your way. You’re flying high and subduing the bad guys left and right. Superman’s name is on every body’s lips and you feel a swelling pride behind that big “S” on your chest.

Then it happens. Out of the depths of space, into the clear blue skies of your perfect day a little Kryptonite falls.

You feel weak and powerless. They bad guys find a loophole in the prison system and our back on their rampage. Your landlord expects the rent early and on top of that you have spilled bleach on your super suit.


You may not be Superman ,but people think you are. They count on you do be able to do anything, anytime and have limitless energy.  What’s worse is when you have been exposed to your own version of Kryptonite (we all have something that gets to us) and they still expect you to function normally. Sometimes they heap abuse on the good things you doing and expect you to take it. (ask Spider man he know all about that.) Sure, they keep on firing away and think it won’t hurt you, but it does.

Hm…Kryptonite takes away his superpowers but can’t he still function as Clark Kent? Maybe the Lord takes away our “super powers” because pride may be trying to sneak in. He makes us humble so we will not depend on our strength but his.

Hit with K

Superman could always use wisdom especially as he takes on enemies that are becoming more wicked as time goes on. So, maybe Kryptonite can be for Superman as the testing of our faith is for us. Either way we become weak so we reach out our hands to our Creator who wants to be the true Superman in our lives. None of us is immune to weaknesses, even Superman. What we have as hope is how the God can use our weaknesses to make us strong.





About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to Expected to Still Be Superman While It’s Raining Kryptonite.

  1. I had to stop and read this. This caught my attention and I am so glad I read another one of your works. How do you come up with such stories that turn into inspirational stories? That is your superpower, I bet $5 on that.

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