The Character of Charlie Brown


G.P. Avants


I was Charlie Brown growing up. I could really relate with the rounded-headed kid who never seemed to catch a break and struggled to make something of his life. I still get misty eyed when I hear Charlie Brown sing about how life is full of changes and he needs more hellos in his life than constant goodbyes.


After so many years the Schultz family created a film to honor their father and crack open the world of Peanuts again. This time we see a harkening to the past, but with a little different look at the life of Charlie Brown.  The red-haired girl has come to town and has captured the heart of good ole’ Chuck. He tries so hard to impress his new neighbor and show that he isn’t a loser or a screw up. In one incredible feat Charlie Brown reads the tome War & Peace in one weekend to complete a book report that he and the red-hair girl were assigned to complete. Of course things don’t always end up as he planned and his amazing and insightful report is chewed to bits by a rogue model plane belonging to none other than the Red Baron.

CB 2

Nothing ever turns out the way Charlie plans. In the end when he thinks he has failed he breathes a prayer. He asked for help to tell the red-hair girl how he felt about her. Without giving away the ending let’s just say that his quiet and demur neighbor missed none of Charlie Brown’s highs and lows. What she saw wasn’t all his mistakes, but his character behind all that he did. Someone finally saw the persistence with his kites, his kindness and sacrifice for his little sister, and the honesty when admitting that the awards attributed to him belonged to another.  What was even more amazing was that even some of his biggest naysayers saw the old blockhead in a whole new light as well.

REd Hair

Isn’t that how the Lord sees us all? When His love is allowed to do its best in us, the worst things we possess don’t hold a candle to it.  I am so glad that Jesus can see who we really are underneath all the troubles our life throws upon us


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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