Sticks and Stones with Words Alone

  By G. P. Avants   Words are real things. I don’t care what the old saying says. If God created with words and we are made in His image then our words have power, too. The Bible says to guard our tongues for a very good reason. He knows what is created, good or evil, when we speak. It also says that we should … Continue reading Sticks and Stones with Words Alone

The Big Little Guy from Queens

By G.P. Avants Okay, there he is! A younger version of Spider-Man living in Queens, NY.  In Captain America Civil War Tony Stark is looking for exceptional recruits to be part of his Avengers 2.0. That is how he ends up bringing this spunky sticky-finger teen into the fold. I loved the action. Spider-Man is thrown into the action very much in awe of everyone … Continue reading The Big Little Guy from Queens

By George, You’re Right.

“You are my witness,” says the Lord. “And my servant whom I have chosen.”                                                       Isaiah 43:10 Have you heard about musical Hamilton? It is based on the life of Alexander Hamilton. Surrounding him are the interesting people before, during, and after the American Revolution. One of the characters who sings is King George of England. His songs are more like a break up song … Continue reading By George, You’re Right.