By George, You’re Right.


“You are my witness,” says the Lord. “And my servant whom I have chosen.”

                                                      Isaiah 43:10

Have you heard about musical Hamilton? It is based on the life of Alexander Hamilton. Surrounding him are the interesting people before, during, and after the American Revolution.

One of the characters who sings is King George of England. His songs are more like a break up song between himself and his once loyal colonists. What struck me was his opinion of George Washington.  It really is a study of a person’s character. They both shared the name George, but that was about it. One George was wrapped up in himself.  The world in his eyes belonged to him. The other George struggled to help a rag-tag group of civilians build a nation for the people and by the people under God. In the end we know which George was remembered for their loyalty and sacrifice. He’s the one who wouldn’t accept the title King, but something much more relatable to the common man. (Though in many ways he became a king in his own right.)

Even though they were opposing forces in the end King George respected the person of George Washington. When GW is ready to step down from office KG can’t imagine anyone filling his shoes.

The Bible does talk about the man who pleases the Lord will even see his enemies at peace with Him. I hope the George Washington died knowing that his life inspired the lives of so many, even a broken king who saw that the world has a greater King ruling over us all.

Check the You Tube Videos below to see how King George tried to woo America back.

The third song is the key in this story. Listen and you get the idea.




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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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