The Big Little Guy from Queens

Spiderman from Civil War

By G.P. Avants

Okay, there he is! A younger version of Spider-Man living in Queens, NY.  In Captain America Civil War Tony Stark is looking for exceptional recruits to be part of his Avengers 2.0. That is how he ends up bringing this spunky sticky-finger teen into the fold.

I loved the action. Spider-Man is thrown into the action very much in awe of everyone he is having to battle. I loved the humor, the constant questions, comments, and one-liners he has for friends and foes. “You have a metal arm?” He asks Bucky. “That’s so cool.”


However, what struck me was his face-to-face encounter with Captain America. Cap asked him where he was from as a huge tanker had him pinned. “From Queens.” Captain America smiles knowing exactly what that meant. I wonder if in that brief encounter he saw himself in Peter Parker. He was just a little guy from an ordinary place, but he was so much more on the inside then people gave him credit for.  Someone saw something in Steve Rogers and gave him a shot at greatness.  Will he be able to return the gesture  to this little guy with a big heart?

I think the beauty of spending time with others face-to-face is how discover who people really are below the surface. I know it’s easy to take people at face value and not see the potential of what they could be.  This is the beauty of mentoring others. Just as the Avengers are preparing new recruits, so do we train others and give them tools for their struggles ahead. I hope that we all take the time to get to know our friends and foes a little bit better.

Peter Parker


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