And be renewed in the spirit of your mind. And that you put in the new man which was created according to God with true righteousness and holiness.”

            Ephesians 4:23-24
I turned 50 this year. I say that because time and experiences change us in many ways more that physically. Surprisingly. I do stay active by working out, biking, and running, but not like I did in my twenties. However, due to the effects of aging, and the grace of God, I feel like I am in better health now then I was then.

They say that with age comes wisdom. That is because I think we see that God has made men and women so much more then a physical body. When things start wearing out physically, you begin to see the value of the other intelligences in your human faculties. I love how someone put it, we are not a body with a spirit, rather a spirit with a body. 

As the Lord works on the inner spirit how can it not change the other layers that make us who we are? Our spirit is who we really are deep in the soul, the heart of each person. Think of it as the flame that kicks on all the rest of our God-given human state. With fire or purpose, the rest of the person is dead. However, if the spirit is ignited with God’s life-giving Holy Spirit, you can’t hide that light from shining out of that person’s life. 

Becoming mentally healthy sometimes comes from being challenged with problems we have to solve and getting peace of mind when the answers don’t come right away. It is good to talk about your mental state and ask for help when your imaginations, fears, and brain aren’t working on all gears. 

Many guys ignore their emotions and never consider the importance of emotional intelligence. Whoever said that men don’t cry or show emotion have done a great dis-service toward all of mankind. 

It is sort of like being put in a situation with unused muscles and asked to perform. I think many of the social issues we have seen ignited in our nation could have been avoided if folks knew how to manage emotions in a healthy way.

We have a social aspect to our human nature as well. Some of us are more out going than others, but none of us need to be alone. They say no man is an island unto himself. We were made to be with others. Look what happens when people don’t think of others, isolate themselves, and think the whole world is against them. (One angry person can turn a whole society against itself if left alone.)
Here we back to the good ole aging body. When you see your physical limitations you begin to see the great lasting value of everything else within you. The body is only the vehicle ( which we use, but don’t have to ignore or abuse) but the rest of our human intelligences (H.I) live forever. So, shouldn’t we be managing those parts of our lives as well? Let me remind you that the Lord has an everlasting body ready for us to hold those special things on the other side. 


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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